Weretigers are rare nowadays.
Lemuel to Olivia

Weretigers are a species of supernatural creatures introduced in Midnight, Texas.

This particular species is susceptible to the effects of the full moon. To a certain extent, this susceptibility acts as both a weakness and a strength. Under the full moon's influence, weretigers become faster, stronger, and all around more powerful. However, they also lack control while in tiger form, making them unpredictable and dangerous. While this has proven to be true in most cases, it has recently been discovered that young weretigers are not as susceptible to the effects of the full moon as their old counter-parts. They can turn at will, making them that more dangerous and bloodthirsty.[1]


While the genesis of the weretiger species is still unclear, it has since been revealed that "weres" are born, not turned. According to Lemuel Bridger, this knowledge is limited due to the fact that weretigers have become a near extinct species.

Physical AppearanceEdit

More often than not, weretigers will look no different than ordinary humans. However, on the night of a full moon, they transform into large tigers with pale yellows eyes, razor sharp claws, which are powerful enough to shred metal, and vicious fangs.


  • Super Strength: Weretigers possess supernatural strength, making them far stronger than any human. Even in human form, weretigers are capable of displaying some form of enhanced strength as Creek Lovell claimed to have witnessed Rev. Emilio Sheehan rip a grave stone out the ground with one hand. Further proof of this strength was demonstrated when Rev grabs a wooden speech podium with one hand and smashes Bowie across the face with it. While this did little to subdue the angel, it does present a great show of strength.
  • Super Healing: Weretigers possess a supernatural regenerative ability. Despite being shot at by Olivia Charity, Rev. Sheehan was completely healed by sunrise as he reverted back into his human form. Further proof of this extraordinary healing factor is presented when Creek Lovell dropped a car on Rev, and when Officer Tina Gomez shot him multiple times point blank. However, neither of these attacks were successful in even slowing him down for more than a few moments. While it appears that this ability is only able to serve a weretiger when transformed, they are capable of withstanding great pain. According to Rev, whose ribs had possibly been broken, "the transformation can fix things", claiming that the next full moon would reset his bones.
  • Claws: With possession of these incredibly sharp claws, weretigers are capable of slashing through the toughest of objects, such as the steel roof of an RV.
  • Transformation Control: According to the Rev, young "weres" don't transform with the same regularity that the more mature "weres" do. They possess a certain level of control over their transformation into a weretiger, thus allowing them to turn at will, without the need of a full moon, making the younger "weres" far more dangerous than initially presumed. The Rev experienced this power and ability first hand. Its something that he hadn't felt in years, up until the fraying of the veil.[1]


  • Silver: Silver is extremely toxic to weretigers. Supposedly, the slightest graze from a silver bullet can kill a fully turned weretiger.
  • Full Moon: Under the full moon's sway, weretigers are forced to transform into a tiger-like beast; when transformed, they possess no control over their beast-form's actions. However, there's at least one instance of a weretiger having knowledge of the acts it committed while at the full moon's mercy. It is currently unknown if they can voluntarily transform at other times. However, young "weres" transform in an irregular pattern. They can turn without a full moon, and because of this, they're far more wild and bloodthirsty.[1]

Notable WeretigersEdit


  • While most shows and films use a combination of both real life wild animals and visual effects, the weretiger shown on screen was completely CGI. They accomplished this by using a man in a blue sumo suit.[2]
  • Young weretigers are referred to as cubs.[1]



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