The Wedding Chapel and Pet Cemetery is a church, housing a pet cemetery, in Midnight that Rev. Sheehan preside over.



While the church is mainly used for prayer and the worshiping of God, on the full moons, the Rev uses its underground cellar as a safe place for him to transform into a Weretiger. Every month, he heads down into the cellar with Olivia locking the doors behind him and, in the morning, she returns to releases him. Other than it being a holding cell for an animalistic beast, the church is used as a meeting point for the Midnighters to safely discuss both natural and supernatural threats that the town is facing, such as serial killers or vampires.




  • In Lemuel, Unchained, the Rev reveals that the Church provides sanctuary from vampires. This where the human residents of Midnight were gathered when Zachariah and his vampire nest began to attack and kill the Midnighters.