Vampires are a species of supernatural creatures introduced in Midnight, Texas.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Vampires are relatively human in appearance. Their most noticeable distinctions are their vivid blue irises, giving their eyes a distinctive blue glow, and their incredibly sharp fangs. Whether or not these notable traits can be hidden is currently unknown.


  • Super Speed: Vampires can run at an incredibly fast rate, far faster than any human possibly could. How their speed compares to other supernatural creatures has yet to be seen.
  • Energy Absorption: Otherwise known as "Leeching", vampires possess the ability to take energy and emotions[1] from both humans and supernatural beings, such as psychics, and use that energy as food. This is an alternative to drinking blood.


  • Sunlight: For reasons unknown, vampires are harmed by sunlight and are restricted to moving about during the night.

Notable VampiresEdit




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