Succubus are a species of supernatural creatures introduced in Midnight, Texas.

They are described as being a rare and ancient species of supernatural hunters. They haven't been in Midnight for over a century. They're typically known for lying low and being discreet.

Origin Edit

While the origin of the Succubus is currently unknown, this particular species dates back at least one hundred years.

Physical Appearance Edit

Due to their perpetual Glamour, Succubus are generally described a being beautiful woman. However, when stripped of this ability, their appearance is drastically altered. Without their glamour, Succubus undergo a painful transformation, resulting in unsightly and hideous monsters, rendering them incapable of seducing men.

Strengths Edit

  • Glamour: This ability allows succubi to appear beautiful in order to seduce their prey; that being men who have caused pain.
  • Super Strength: Succubi possess supernatural strength, making them far stronger than any human could possibly be. This strength is what presumably allows them to subdue their prey so easily. Further proof of this strength was demonstrated when Gina broken a wooden bat with very little effort.
  • Super Durability: Succubi can withstand far more damage than any human possibly could. Despite being knocked into a tree with great force by Lemuel Bridger, a vampire of 200 years, Gina suffered very little injury, almost immediately getting back onto her feet.
  • Sharp Teeth: Their incredibly sharp teeth allow them to devour their prey; that, along with their extended jaw, which grants them the ability to open their mouth inhumanly wide, similar to that of a snake, which Manfred Bernardo described as being a gaping hellhole.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Dragon's Breath: Dragon's Breath, as well as any other form of highly intensified flame, such as propane, is capable of killing a Succubus near instantaneously, resulting in a pool of liquefied black gunk.
  • Tincture: A basic chemistry based potion designed to remove a Succubus' glamour, thus preventing them from seducing their prey of choice.

Notable Succubus Edit

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