You want a war, old man, you got one. God forgives. The Sons of Lucifer don't.
— Sons of Lucifer member to Lemuel Bridger

The Sons of Lucifer are a white supremacist, biker gang located outside of Midnight. They are known for their violent and trouble making ways.

History Edit

Five years ago, Aubrey Hamilton married Sons of Lucifer member, Peter Lowry. Two years after their marriage, he was arrested for assault, and sent to Beaumont Federal for a three year sentence. He just recently got released.

Season One Edit

In Pilot, two Son's of Lucifer bikers eat dinner at Home Cookin', while harassing their waitress, Creek Lovell. Unbeknownst to either of them, they are being watched from afar by Lemuel Bridger.

Following the discovery of Aubrey Hamilton's body down by the river during the fall annual picnic, the bikers turned their attention to Bobo Winthrop, who Aubrey was engaged to. They approached him at Midnight Pawn after bursting into his shop, angry and knocking things over in a fit of rage. They assumed that Bobo killed Aubrey because he had found out the truth, that she was married to a member of their gang. Bobo tells them they are unwelcomed in his shop, though they remain to ask about the weapons and money that Bobo had apparently stashed. As the biker threatens to cut Bobo with a knife, Olivia intervenes by shooting him the shoulder, pinning him to a dresser. Then the other member pulls out his gun and shoots at Olivia, who ducks for cover.

MTX 101-086-Son of Lucifer-Lemuel

Lemuel vs Sons of Lucifer gang member

Lemuel, who is a vampire, super speeds to the biker and snaps his neck from behind. The biker who had been shot by Olivia was then asked by Lemuel, who had sent him, however, he does not reply with the answer Lemuel desired. He goes on to say that his brothers will burn the place to the ground until they get what they want. At this point, Lemuel decides that the biker won't see sunrise, but Lemuel will have a warm dinner and proceeds to feed upon him. Afterward, Olivia disposed of the bodies where they would not be found.

In Bad Moon Rising, Bobo is placed in a locked holding cell with four members of Sons of Lucifer after refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. They had a message to deliver from Peter Lowry. However, they didn't account for Bobo having a message of his own nor where they prepared for his skilled fighting capabilities. Despite outnumbering him four-to-one, Bobo made quick work of the bikers. Then telling them that he didn't kill Aubrey, and that there was no reason for them to continue coming after him. The bikers were beaten so badly that they had to be taken to the hospital, where three were in stable condition while the fourth had to undergo surgery for his knee.

MTX 102-025-SOL

Aubrey's memory of her killer

it is later revealed by Manfred Bernardo, Midnight's newest resident and psychic, that Aubrey was killed by a member of Sons of Lucifer, or at the very least, she was killed by someone wearing their trademark jacket and skeleton face mask. Aubrey's ghost showed Manfred the events that transpired, leading up to her death. That night, a truck showed up, Aubrey's killer exited the vehicle, attacked her from behind, and shot her with a gun. He put her in the back of the trunk. Shortly after, he tossed the gun in the lake, then proceeding to drag Aubrey's body down to the river's edge, where he left her to die.

After discovering that Bobo had been released from jail, Peter Lowry and his biker brethren killed Sheriff Livingston via a bomb attached to his car; rigged to explode upon start up.

In Sexy Beast, with the investigation underway for Sheriff Livingston's murder, the Sons of Lucifer trashed Bobo's house and left a red Swastika spray painted on his wall.

MTX 104-089-Bobo-Calvin

Bobo vs Calvin

Later that night, Bobo paid them a visit as they hung out in the back room of a bar called The Cartoon Saloon. He throws one biker into a table before demanding to talk with Peter Lowry. However, Calvin claimed to have no knowledge of such a person, then asking if Bobo enjoyed the remodel, in reference to the attack on his house. Furious over their invasion of his home, Bobo delivers a powerful headbutt to Calvin, telling him that he knew that Lowry killed Aubrey and the Sheriff, but Peter was the polices' problem. Bobo only desired to be left alone. Bobo made them sick. Calvin called him a traitor to his family and race. He had so little pride, choosing to pollute himself by living with those in Midnight. Bobo then punches the biker in the face, knocking him on to the table before grabbing a pool stick and attempting to kill him with it. However, Fiji Cavanaugh, Midnight's resident witch arrived just in time to bring an end to the conflict.

In Unearthed,

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