This page features all Season One minor characters of NBC's Midnight, Texas. It has been created for the purpose of displaying characters that have appeared on the show; however, received minor roles which essentially prevented them from receiving a main page as most characters would. The characters below are listed in order of appearance for your convenience. Please use the Minor Character Infobox as a distinction.


Rachel is a minor character that was introduced during Season One of NBC's Midnight, Texas. She is a widow that sought out Manfred Bernardo in order make contact with her deceased husband.

In Pilot, Rachel knocks on the door of Manfred Bernardo's hotel suite. He welcomes her in, telling Rachel that she gets younger every time they see each other, then exchanging a hug and a kiss. Surprisingly, his fee had gone up since their last meeting, which she had little problem with considering he was worth every penny. Manfred is a Psychic that she sought out in an effort to communicate with Harold, her dead husband. Upon making contact with Harold, Manfred relayed his messages, telling Rachel that her new hair cut made her look hot, which she thought to be especially funny after thirty-two years of marriage, and now that he's dead, he likes it short.

Not a day went by that she didn't miss him but she then admits that she's been seeing his ex-partner and friend, Kevin. They were taking it slow but she was happy. The candles blew out, and the room instantly became freezing cold, causing the mirror behind her to shatter. Although, she couldn't see him, Harold appeared in his ghostly form, and possessed Manfred. He questions how long she and Kevin had been together, threatening to kill Rachel with a shard of glass, so the two of them could reunite in the after life. Luckily, Manfred manages to gain control, thus expelling Harold from his body.


Harold is a minor character that was introduced during Season One of NBC's Midnight, Texas. He is the deceased husband of Rachel.

In Pilot, Harold is conjured up by Manfred Bernardo, a Psychic that was sought out by his wife, Rachel, who was hoping to make contact with him. Harold liked Rachel's new hair cut, she looked hot, but he also noted that she was stupid as he hated change. Rachel missed him every day, but he didn't want her to grieve his death forever. Harold hoped that she would move on, and be happy. Much to his surprise, Rachel had been seeing someone. They were taking it slow, but she was happy.She then revealed that it was his former partner and friend named Kevin.

This angered Harold, so much so that the room froze over, and the mirror shattered. He then took possession of Manfred's body to personally confront her. As he tossed his wedding ring back at her, Harold furiously asked Rachel how long had they been together. Harold snatched her by the head, demanding to know the extent of her relationship with Kevin. As Manfred fought from inside to gain control, Harold grabs a shard of glass in an attempt to kill Rachel, so the two of them could reunite in death. Unfortunately for him, Manfred managed to regain control, and expel Harold from his body.

S.O.L BikersEdit

In Pilot, two Sons of Lucifer Bikers eat dinner at Home Cookin'. While being served they harass Creek Lovell, their waitress, though she gets them to stop before Lemuel Bridger, unbeknownst to them, gets involved.

Later, after Aubrey Hamilton's body had been found down by the river they approach Bobo Winthrop, at Midnight Pawn after he'd been drinking. They burst into his shop, angry and assuming that he killed Aubrey because he had found out the truth, that she was married to one of their members. Bobo tells them they are not welcomed, though they remain and ask about a weapons and money stash. Olivia intervenes and shoots one through the shoulder, pinning him to a dresser. As one gets shot with an arrow, the other pulls out his gun and shoots at Olivia, who ducks for cover. Lemuel, the vampire rushes to the biker and snaps his neck with ease and questions the other. He asks the man who had sent him, though he does not reply with the answer Lemuel want; that God forgives but the Son's of Lucifer don't. He also says that his brother will burn the place to the ground until they get what they want. Lemuel decides that he won't see sunrise, but he will have a warm dinner and proceeds to feed from him.

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