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Season One is the first season of the NBC American drama television series, Midnight, Texas. While it does not have a set air date, it was picked up for a 10 episode order and is currently scheduled for the mid-season of 2017.

Official SynopsisEdit

Based on the best-selling book series by Charlaine Harris (author of the novels that inspired “True Blood”), “Midnight, Texas” stars François Arnaud as Manfred, a charming, powerful psychic who can communicate with spirits and finds safety in Midnight surrounding himself with both human and supernatural allies. Midnight is also home to Bobo, proprietor of Midnight’s local pawn shop; Fiji, a witch who owns the local wiccan shop; Olivia, a mysterious assassin with a weapon for every occasion; Joe, an angel who knows all of Midnight’s secrets having been around for millennia; Lemuel a wise vampire with a long history in Midnight; Creek, an aspiring writer with big dreams; and Rev. Emilio Sheehan, who can’t resist the pull of a full moon.[3]



Image Title Airdate Episode # in Season Episode # in Series
Midnight, Texas black logo Pilot July 24, 2017 1 1
It's Twin Peaks meets True Blood in Midnight, Texas; a remote town where your neighbor could be a vampire, a witch, a werewolf, or even an angel.
Midnight, Texas black logo Bad Moon Rising[8] TBA 2 2
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Lemuel, Unchained[9] TBA 3 3
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Sexy Beast[10] TBA 4 4
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Unearthed[11] TBA 5 5
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Blinded by the Light[12] TBA 6 6
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Angel Heart[13] TBA 7 7
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Last Temptation of Midnight[14] TBA 8 8
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo Riders On The Storm[15][16][17] TBA 9 9
Synopsis yet to be released
Midnight, Texas black logo TBA TBA 10 10
Synopsis yet to be released

Production NotesEdit

  • The production has employed over 450 local crew members and approximately 1,800 local background talent.[18]
  • Season one of the series is being filmed throughout several locations in New Mexico.
  • As of January 18th, 2017, they've begun to prep for the season finale episode.[19]
  • As of February 3rd, Midnight's season one filming has concluded. Monica posted this thank you one her Instagram: "What a long, strange trip it's been. Love everyone who made season one so freaking awesome. My eternal gratitude and respect and hope to see you for season 2."[20]

Cast Interview NotesEdit

  • Blast Magazine[21] (The Cast about their Characters) (10/20/16)
    • Peter Mensah: I play Lemuel Bridger who is a vampire. I’m not sure how else to describe what he does.
    • Arielle Kebbel: I play Olivia Charity. She’s an assassin and she’s incredibly dangerous. She has a really dark past, like most people in Midnight. Throughout the series, we will learn her backstory, how she came to be a hitwoman and why it’s important to her to protect the town of Midnight. There is also a really odd and sweet relationship between her and Lemuel and they feed off each other in more ways than one. As the series goes on, I think that’s going to be a sweet relationship to explore.
    • Dylan Bruce: I play Bobo Winthrop who is the proprietor of the local pawnshop, which has been in Midnight for many years and sells a lot of very odd items full of history. Olivia lives upstairs and Lemuel lives beneath the store. Also, Bobo’s best friend is Fiji.
    • Parisa Fitz-Henley: I play Fiji Cavanaugh who is a witch. She runs a little shop in the town with articles relating to witchcraft and Wicca with crystals and other beautiful things. I like to think of Fiji as a unifier and a protector of her friends who have become her adopted family. A big challenge for her is coming to terms with how powerful she is as a witch. She can do some cool stuff now, but coming into her own power is going to be pretty explosive. Bobo and Fiji are best friends and I wish more. Well, Fiji wishes more but Parisa also thinks that would be cool. She’s got some reasons for not pursuing Bobo though, which we will find out during the season.
    • Sarah Ramos: I play Creek Lovell who is just a girl in town that’s about to find out a lot of her secrets that her overprotective dad and brother have kept from her. She and Manfred hit it off right from the start and have a mutual crush, but they keep getting interrupted and there’s no time to connect because there’s too much danger in the town that they have to fight.
    • Francois Arnaud: I play Manfred, the newcomer in Midnight. He is a psychic and a medium and a little bit of a crook. He’s on the run from someone who wants to kill him and decides to hide in Midnight after his dead grandma’s ghost advises him to.
  • Elle[22] (Jason about Joe the Angel) (2/13/17)
    • Elle: You've said that you get offe/red a lot of pretty boy roles — what was it about Joe, who is literally an angel, that appealed to you?
    • Lewis: "Joe is not like a Hallmark angel — he's not some cherubic icon on the front of a greeting card. He's an immortal creature who has lived through a lot of different circumstances. I think one of the hardest fights in life is to move through your experiences and life's struggles and to hold on to a sense of hope and discovery. That struggle there, I found that pretty interesting."
  • Interview Magazine[23] (Sarah about Creek in Midnight) (3/1/17)
    • BLONDIAU: What do you like about the character you play in Midnight, Texas?
    • Ramos: "Personally, it's really freeing and fun because I get to play for death situations in basically every episode. There's also a really fun romance part of it. Call it a guilty pleasure or not, but I'm a fan of Taylor Swift's music. I love getting wrapped up in how simple and insanely dramatic her love stories are, especially in her early country music. And the show has this small town, destined-to-be-together, heartbreak feel, and I definitely get to play that kind of romance. It's just fun. I feel like I'm in a Taylor Swift song; sometimes I'm like, "Guys aren't really like this in real life. This is fun to pretend!"


  • On January 20th, Chris Hale (Instagram) was awarded a VIP set visit to Midnight, Texas for his donation to the One Pulse Foundation.
  • Eden Douglas' kind words to the cast and crew: "Thank you Karen Kuehn Photography for giving me this perfect tribute photo to honor the beautiful actors and spirits I've had the pleasure of meeting and observing in the first stellar season of #MidnightTexas. Thank you for showing me kindness and generosity, @pmensahonline, focus, @francoisarnaud, beauty, @jasonleelewis, strength, @dylanthebruce, style, @ariellekebbel , grace, @parisafitzhenley, professionalism, @saraheramos, joy,@yuluminati, wonder, @johnpaul_howard, courage, @bernadosaracino and the power of the written word @monicaowusubreen, @alseptien1 and @turimeyer. To the Executive Producers, Directors, AD's and vast crew members too numerous to mention, but know that I know them, one and all, by name, THANKYOU for the masterclasses each and every day I was blessed to be on set. Here's to multiple seasons and wicked success !!! / @nbcmidnighttexas"
  • Monica Owusu-Breen (Writer/EP) and cast member, Arielle Kebbel (Olivia Charity), are doing a Q&A session along with a special screening of the pilot episode.[24][25]