This page features all Season One minor characters of NBC's Midnight, Texas. It has been created for the purpose of displaying characters that have appeared on the show; however, received minor roles which essentially prevented them from receiving a main page as most characters would. The characters below are listed in order of appearance for your convenience. Please use the Minor Character Infobox as a distinction.


Rachel is a minor character that was introduced during Season One of NBC's Midnight, Texas. She is a widow that sought out Manfred Bernardo in order make contact with her deceased husband.

In Pilot, Rachel knocks on the door of Manfred Bernardo's hotel suite. He welcomes her in, telling Rachel that she gets younger every time they see each other, then exchanging a hug and a kiss. Surprisingly, his fee had gone up since their last meeting, which she had little problem with considering he was worth every penny. Manfred is a Psychic that she sought out in an effort to communicate with Harold, her dead husband. Upon making contact with Harold, Manfred relayed his messages, telling Rachel that her new hair cut made her look hot, which she thought to be especially funny after thirty-two years of marriage, and now that he's dead, he likes it short.

Not a day went by that she didn't miss him but she then admits that she's been seeing his ex-partner and friend, Kevin. They were taking it slow but she was happy. The candles blew out, and the room instantly became freezing cold, causing the mirror behind her to shatter. Although, she couldn't see him, Harold appeared in his ghostly form, and possessed Manfred. He questions how long she and Kevin had been together, threatening to kill Rachel with a shard of glass, so the two of them could reunite in the after life. Luckily, Manfred manages to gain control, thus expelling Harold from his body.


Harold is a minor character that was introduced during Season One of NBC's Midnight, Texas. He is the deceased husband of Rachel.

In Pilot, Harold is conjured up by Manfred Bernardo, a Psychic that was sought out by his wife, Rachel, who was hoping to make contact with him. Harold liked Rachel's new hair cut, she looked hot, but he also noted that she was stupid as he hated change. Rachel missed him every day, but he didn't want her to grieve his death forever. Harold hoped that she would move on, and be happy. Much to his surprise, Rachel had been seeing someone. They were taking it slow, but she was happy.She then revealed that it was his former partner and friend named Kevin.

This angered Harold, so much so that the room froze over, and the mirror shattered. He then took possession of Manfred's body to personally confront her. As he tossed his wedding ring back at her, Harold furiously asked Rachel how long had they been together. Harold snatched her by the head, demanding to know the extent of her relationship with Kevin. As Manfred fought from inside to gain control, Harold grabs a shard of glass in an attempt to kill Rachel, so the two of them could reunite in death. Unfortunately for him, Manfred managed to regain control, and expel Harold from his body.

S.O.L BikersEdit

In Pilot, two Sons of Lucifer Bikers eat dinner at Home Cookin'. While being served they harass Creek Lovell, their waitress, though she gets them to stop before Lemuel Bridger, unbeknownst to them, gets involved.

Later, after Aubrey Hamilton's body had been found down by the river they approach Bobo Winthrop, at Midnight Pawn after he'd been drinking. They burst into his shop, angry and assuming that he killed Aubrey because he had found out the truth, that she was married to one of their members. Bobo tells them they are not welcomed, though they remain and ask about a weapons and money stash. Olivia intervenes and shoots one through the shoulder, pinning him to a dresser. As one gets shot with an arrow, the other pulls out his gun and shoots at Olivia, who ducks for cover. Lemuel, the vampire rushes to the biker and snaps his neck with ease and questions the other. He asks the man who had sent him, though he does not reply with the answer Lemuel want; that God forgives but the Son's of Lucifer don't. He also says that his brother will burn the place to the ground until they get what they want. Lemuel decides that he won't see sunrise, but he will have a warm dinner and proceeds to feed from him.


Ted is a minor character that was introduced during Season One of NBC's Midnight, Texas. He is the deceased brother of Patsy, and one of the Succubus' victims.

In Sexy Beast, Ted drives down a deserted Texas road in his vintage red Cadillac while on the phone with his sister, Patsy. She accuses him of stealing their father's Rolex, which he did, and subsequently pawned for cash at Midnight Pawn while passing through town. However, he denies all allegations of theft, claiming that he was offended that his sister would even think that he did. He hangs up on Patsy after pretending to lose connection. He then notices an attractive blonde woman sitting alone at a vacant rest stop. He pulls over to offer Gina a ride to a destination of her choosing. It wasn't safe for her to be out in the middle of nowhere all alone. Gina initially said no, but Ted refuses to take no for an answer, persuading Gina into getting in his car.

While on the road, Ted wonders what brought Gina to Texas. She tells him that she felt a powerful pull to come there. She'd been drawn to a lot of spiritual places in the past; Sedona, Lily Dale, and Glastonbury, but nothing compared to the pull she was currently experiencing. The energy made her feel better than she had felt in a long time. Ted states that the desert air is good, but Gina express that it's more to it than that. The ancient and powerful land made her feel things. Ted asks what kinds of things. She offers to show him should he pull over. To no surprise, Ted agrees. The two of them proceed to kiss on the side of the road, but their road side make out session came to a deadly end as Gina ate Ted, resulting in blood spatter on the windshield.

His ghost was later summoned to the RV of a local Midnight psychic, Manfred Bernardo, who had made contact with Ted at his sister's behest. He was surprised to learn that Manfred could see him. Though Patsy couldn't see or hear him, Ted expresses his deepest regrets. His sister was right. He admittedly sucked as a brother and son. He should've never picked Gina up. He explains to Manfred that one moments they're driving along, then the next she was eating him like a taco, which explained why his face looked like something had tried to rip him apart.


Patsy is a minor character that was introduced during Season One of NBC's Midnight, Texas. She is the sister of Ted, who came to Midnight in search of him.

In Sexy Beast, after having a brief discussion over the phone with Ted, Patsy stops by Midnight Pawn to check if her brother had come in recently to pawn their father's Rolex, which he had, according to the store's proprietor, Bobo Winthrop. He had the Rolex in his possession. Ted was missing and their parents were worried about him. Patsy asks if he happened to tell Bobo where he was headed. Unfortunately, he didn't. However, Bobo directs her to Manfred Bernardo, Midnight's resident psychic since he could possibly locate Ted.

She knocks on the door of Manfred's RV, asking if he was the real deal because she needed to find her brother and Bobo had informed her that Manfred was the man for the job. She wasn't sure if she believed in any of that but she had to at least try something. Manfred explains that finding a missing person was tough, but after Patsy offers him $5,000 if he found Ted., Manfred goes on to say that it's also his specialty, as he invited her into his trailer.

The only time that Ted visited their parents was to beg for money or steal something, however, now that he was missing, they were beside themselves. Patsy presumes that he's holding up with another stripper. Apparently, this wasn't the first time that Ted had taken off. Manfred requests something meaningful to Ted, in order to establish a psychic impression; a clue to where he was. Patsy hands over Ted's pinky ring, which she took as collateral the last time she lent him money. As Manfred began the ceremony, he claims to have been receiving images, asking if her brother worked with heavy equipment. Ted didn't even have a job, Patsy said. Although, Patsy couldn't see Ted, Manfred could. Ted admits that she was right about him sucking as a son and brother. It was all his fault. He says that he should've never picked up that "hot blonde". Manfred reiterates hot blonde, which came as no surprise to Patsy.

The next day, Patsy stops by Manfred's house to reward him the $5,000 as promised. They never would've found Ted's body without him. Manfred was just sorry it came to that. She thanks him before heading off.


While alive, Joe described Catori as a tall, weird guy, covered in brands and tattoos.

One millennia ago, when the veil frayed, on the site where Midnight, TX would eventually be called home, it released evil energy and demons alike, ushering in the apocalypse. The Angels Joseph and Bowie were both present, fighting back and killing demons as they came through the veil. In an effort to stop the demon attacks, the native American shaman, Catori went out the the crossroads, alone, and, through unknown means, sealed the veil; ultimately, the seal did not last indefinitely. Upon the following day, Joe recalls that they found the remains of Catori's body, torn to pieces, broken and burned; he was buried on sanctified ground, underneath the Rev's Church, present day. Manfred, Joe and the Rev. attempt to locate his remains, in order for Manfred to perform a psychic reading, though given a thousand years had passed, bones, clothing and anything else that may have been buried were long since destroyed.

Lacking other options, Manfred and Fiji create a spell from Gypsy and Witchcraft dark magic, respectively, enabling the casting witch to obtain answers from beyond the grave. The spell called for a sacrifice, though the intended sacrifice, Mr. Snuggly was spared and Manfred became the spell's target. Upon dying, his spirit meets with Catori's ghost, in the spirit realm localized to where he was buried in Midnight. Catori asks if he has a question for him, as per the spell's intention; Manfred asks the shaman how to close the veil. Catori gives Manfred the knowledge he needs on how to close the veil and to stop the apocalypse and Colconnar's rise.

Honorable MentionsEdit

Name Description Status
MTX 101 Officer 1

Officer #1
The officer assisted Sheriff Livingston investigation for Aubrey's murder. Alive
MTX 102 Neck Tat

Neck tat
Neck Tat is a Sons of Lucifer gang member that was arrested and held at the Roca Fria County Sheriff's department. Officer Gomez attempted to use him and two others to gain a confession from Bobo Winthrop about Aubrey's murder though he, and two others were severely injured an in altercation with him; Bobo barely had a scratch on him. Once released from jail, he rejoined the Sons of Lucifer and attacked Bobo after he was forced to hand over his parent's weapon stash. Alive
MTX 103 Abraham

He was a friend to Lemuel Bridger, though after his escape from the plantation, he was hanged. Deceased
MTX 103 Plantation Master

Plantation Master
He was the Master of his plantation of slaves, which included Lemuel and Abraham. Lemuel killed him for killing Abraham after he became a vampire. Deceased
MTX 103 Tiffany

Tiffany is a vampire groupie that willing gives her blood to vampires. After the deaths of Zachariah and Pia, she left, though was abducted a mile outside of Midnight, TX. Deceased (Spirit Moved On)
MTX 103 Mean Vampire

Mean Vampire
The Vampire was apart of Zachariah's nest and killed Midnight's Hardware store owner, Henry. He was killed by Manfred Bernardo. Deceased
MTX 104 Mark Finch

Mark Finch
Mark was a businessman that embezzled money from the company he worked for and as a result ruined lives. He was killed by Olivia Charity after a hit was placed on him. Deceased
MTX 104 Jock

The Jock attempted to help Gina with her car troubles, though she turned out to be a Succubus and killed him. Deceased
MTX 104 Calvin

Calvin is a Sons of Lucifer biker member and confidant to Peter Lowry. He and others trashed Bobo Winthrop home. He would have been killed if Fiji Cavanaugh did not intervene. Alive
MTX 104 Mustache Guy

Mustache Guy
The Mustache guy was a patron of the Cartoon Saloon. Alive
MTX 104 Bartender

The Bartender works at the Cartoon Saloon. Alive
MTX 104 Cowboy

The Cowboy would have been another victim to the Succubus Gina if Creek Lovell and the other Midnighters did not save him. Alive
MTX 105 Cyrus

Cyrus was a member of the Sons of Lucifer biker gang. Once Peter got a hold of Bobo's Parent's weapon stash, he, among others, were killed by Lemuel. Deceased
MTX 106 Ryan

He, his two friends and Aerin went to Midnight, TX on the night of the Full Moon for a night of mischief and vandalism, though between Fiji and Lemuel's intervention, he and his two friends high tailed it out of Midnight, leaving Aerin behind. He would later come back the next day to see if anyone knew where she was, as she never made it home the previous night. Alive
MTX 106 Other Dude 1

Other Dude 1
Along with his friend and Ryan, he defaced Rev. Sheehan's church, spray painting an Anarchy sign on one of the outside walls. He was later scared out of Midnight with Lemuel's threat of hunger. Alive
MTX 106 Other Dude 2

Other Dude 2
Along with Ryan and his other friend, they vandalized Rev. Sheehan's church and graveyard. He was later scared by Lemuel who threatened to drink their blood. Alive
MTX 106 Davy Deputy

Davy Deputy
After Aerin went missing during a night of mischief in Midnight, he and another Deputy came to Midnight, questioning the Rev as his property was vandalized. He told the Rev. that the missing girl's mom was a Davy Judge and that in 24 hours, a full investigation would tear through Midnight. Alive
MTX 107 Supernatural

The unnamed "Supernatural" was a half-demon that was laying low in Shreveport, until he felt a powerful pull to come to Midnight. On his travels he came upon Bowie and they walked together as she lamented on her past with Joseph. Eventually she killed him, as she enjoyed exterminating demons. Deceased
MTX 108 Father Otero

Father Otero
Father Otero was overseeing a graveyard and notice a cloaked figure praying. He sought the man out to offer his assistance, though the Faceless supernatural killed him and took his face. Deceased
Farmer John-S1

Farmer John[1]
John was a human farmer who stopped on the side of the road to help "Father Otero", though it was revealed that it was actually the Faceless Supernatural. He became his victim and his body was used in the sacrifice for the demon Colconnar. Deceased
MTX 108 Bully Boy 1 & 2 and Girl

The group of children patronized Manfred as a young boy because he was with a ball, seemingly to them, by himself. Xylda sacred them off, telling them that there was a gypsy curse that would cause their tongues to shrivel like a black wad of gum. Alive


  1. While "Farmer John" was credited as a Guest Character, given the lack of information on the character (other than the Faceless Supernatural), an article will not be created for him. Please see Administration for additional details or for questions.

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