Psychics are people with special, supernatural gifts, such as the ability to communicate with the dead, that are introduced in Midnight, Texas. Mediums and Gypsies seems to be sub-classifications for psychics.


Currently, the origins of psychics are unknown. Though what is known is that psychic powers are a bloodline trait, being passed down from one generation to the next. This, however, is also a trait that can be bred out of, or into, a family given enough generations.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Psychics seem to hold and possess the exact physical makeup as regular humans.


  • Mediumship: Psychics can hear, see and communicate with the dead.


  • Possession: Psychics seem to be susceptible to possession from the ghosts that they summon. While it seems unavoidable, powerful psychics can expel the possessing ghost.

Psychic's ToolsEdit

  • Personal Artifacts: Items that belonged to the deceased, such as a wedding band, that helps the psychic connect to and summon the ghost in question during a séance.
  • Ouija Boards: A board, consisting of various degrees of ornate designs of printed letters, numbers, and other sigils. A planchette pointer is used on it during a séance to receive answers to questions from ghosts summoned.
  • The Hamsa: A talisman used to ward off evil spirits.
  • Mirrors: Unknown how they are used in regards to psychics, Manfred Bernardo indicates that when used in séances, things can get messy.

Notable PsychicsEdit


  • Manfred Bernardo is the first psychic we are introduced to.
    • Manfred is also the only living psychic seen in the show so far; Manfred mentions that Xylda's psychic readings are usually spot on, even while dead.
  • The terms Psychic, Medium and Gypsy have all been used interchangeably to describe similar characteristics.
    • Manfred has been referred to as a "Medium". In this case, he is both a psychic and a medium, though it is unclear if all psychics are mediums.
    • Xylda has been referred to as a "Gypsy Psychic" and possess similar, if not exactly the same abilities as Manfred, given that he's her grandson.
    • Hightower is been referred to as a "Gypsy", though in his case, he possess no psychic abilities.
  • Through unknown means, likely having multiple generations of non-psychic children, the Hightower bloodline bred out the Psychic familial trait.
    • This indicates that even though it's a supernatural ability, being psychic and/or a medium is hereditary.



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