Psychics are humans with special, supernatural gifts, such as the ability to communicate with the dead, that are introduced in Midnight, Texas. Mediums and Gypsies seems to be sub-classifications for psychics.


Currently, the origins of psychics are unknown. Though what is known is that psychic powers are a bloodline trait, being passed down from one generation to the next. This, however, is also a trait that can be bred out of, or into, a family given enough generations.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Psychics seem to hold and possess the exact physical makeup as regular humans.


  • Mediumship: Psychics can hear, see, and communicate with the dead.
  • Pharmaceutical Impairment: Psychics are not immune to the effects of drugs. Manfred frequently takes pain killers to ease ailments of possession and to weaken his ability to communicate with ghosts.


  • Mortality: Psychics are still human, thus they are susceptible to mortal ailments and afflictions, physical injury, and death.
  • Possession: Psychics are susceptible to possession from the ghosts that they summon. While it seems unavoidable, powerful psychics can expel the possessing ghost. Psychics are also ghosts entry way back into the mortal world.

Psychic's ToolsEdit

  • Personal Artifacts: Items that belonged to the deceased, such as a wedding band, that helps the psychic connect to and summon the ghost in question during a séance.
  • Ouija Boards: A board, consisting of various degrees of ornate designs of printed letters, numbers, and other sigils. A planchette pointer is used on it during a séance to receive answers to questions from ghosts summoned.
  • The Hamsa: A talisman used to ward off evil spirits.
  • Mirrors: It is unknown how they are used in regards to psychics, Manfred Bernardo indicates that when used in séances, things can get messy.

Notable PsychicsEdit


  • Manfred Bernardo is the first psychic we are introduced to.
    • Manfred is also the only living psychic seen in the show so far; Manfred mentions that Xylda's psychic readings are usually spot on, even while dead.
  • The terms Psychic, Medium, and Gypsy have all been used interchangeably to describe similar characteristics.
    • Manfred has been referred to as a "Medium". In this case, he is both a psychic and a medium, though it is unclear if all psychics are mediums.
    • Xylda has been referred to as a "Gypsy Psychic" and possess similar, if not exactly the same abilities as Manfred, given that he's her grandson.
    • Hightower is been referred to as a "Gypsy", though in his case, he possesses no psychic abilities.
  • Through unknown means, likely having multiple generations of non-psychic children, the Hightower bloodline bred out the Psychic familial trait.
    • This indicates that even though it's a supernatural ability, being psychic and/or a medium is hereditary.