I like her. Lem always had good taste in women.
Pia to Olivia

Pia is a vampire in Midnight, Texas. She belonged to a nest led by Zachariah.


Pia and Zachariah's relationship goes back at least as far as 1988, which is the year he turned her into a vampire on New Years Eve. Since then, she has been at his side. It is presumed that she was at his side through all 129 years of her vampire life. She looked to him for leadership. Before leaving Midnight many years prior, the two of them ran amok, killing any and every human they could get their hands on. They loved the hunt and the taste of blood. However, realizing that they stood no chance against Lemuel, who had greater power than the two of them combined, they left town with the nest, during which time they missed Midnight as the rest of the world was cruel and wasn't as excepting.

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

In Lemuel, Unchained, after returning to Midnight, the nest made themselves comfortable over at Home Cookin', where Pia surprised Lemuel, her old friend, with a kiss. She then looks over to Olivia. Pia liked her. Lem always had good taste in women, she said.

MTX 103-039-Manfred-Olivia-Lemuel-Pia

Manfred and Olivia about the vampire groupie

As Olivia exited the restaurant due to a supposed migraine, Pia and Zachariah began to dance. She then switched dance partners, moving on to Lemuel. As they danced, she asked if he remembered Buenos Aires, where she tried to stake him. They both laughed. Just then, Olivia and Manfred entered Home Cookin' to inform Lemuel that the blood bag Zach was drinking from came from a girl that they had in the back of their bus. Pia was upset that they broke into the bus but Zach was far more calm. Tiffany was a vampire groupie and a willing participant. She agreed to be their food supply. It was the most humane way of sustaining their life. Pia remarked that it was a hard thing to understand since Olivia isn't one of them.

After begging him for months, on New Years Eve, 1888, Zach agreed to turn Pia into a vampire. It was a rare moment of weakness, he confessed. She wondered if Lemuel was ever going to turn Olivia, to which Olivia replied that she shared no interest in becoming a vampire. Zach then asked if she and Olivia could give him and Lemuel a moment to talk in private, so they headed to the bar.

*Flashback Sequence*

Many years before, Pia and Zach brought Lemuel a gift to lift his spirits as he had been in a sour mood for months. The gift was a gypsy girl named Xylda. It wasn't long before Lemuel returned but not in the way they had hoped. As Pia and Zach fed, Lemuel came down the steps with glowing blue eyes, the likes of which they had never seen before. He says that Xylda saved him. Xylda freed him and she could free them as well. They would never have to kill another human again. With their faces covered in blood, Pia and Zach laughed. They enjoyed the hunt. Humans were food. They loved the taste of blood, Lemuel loved it more than anyone else. He ordered them to leave Midnight if they had no intentions on sopping, but it was their home too, meaning they weren't leaving. With a simple touch, Lemuel quickly killed two vampires, threatening to do the same to them if they failed to heed his warning and leave.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

From the bar, she and Olivia watched as Lem and Zach shared a drink, which as Pia explained was laced with silver, causing Lem to collapse to the floor. With him taken care of, Pia went after Olivia, however, she was no match for the higher skilled assassin as Olivia punched her in the face, swept Pia's legs from beneath her, and staked Pia with the wooden heel of her shoe.


Pia was both arrogant and outspoken, saying what she wanted and behaving as such with little fear of the consequences. She would kill humans indiscriminately, looking to them as nothing more than a source of food. Furthermore, she loved the killing and the bloodshed. When given the opportunity to co-exist peacefully with humans, she turned away, revealing just how much she truly enjoyed the hunt.


Pia possesses the skills of a standard vampire in Midnight, Texas, such as super strength, speed, and immortality. However, these abilities did little to help Pia in her battle with Olivia Charity, who demonstrated far superior fighting skills.


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