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  • Hey. I meant to respond earlier, but, as you can tell, I've been busy with Comic Con images, among other things. I've not even begun to tag them yet, which I'll probably do tomorrow.

    To answer the other message... Yeah I've not really seen many 'spoilers' either. I already follow so many, and there's like only a couple from RD. Though most of it seems harmless of what they post

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    • Lol we'd be black-listed by the CW XD But hey, it's the truth XP

      No doubt! I mean they went through with that whole plot and Cheryl is out running around with Toni and shooting Ghoulies with arrows. Where's nana Rose? What's Cheryl's home life like now? What is Penelope doing, etc. I mean these should be addressed and maybe they've just not got there yet, but I mean I think they should have started to at least by now, but this whole G&G nonsense is the main focus. I'm kinda over that. I mean AHS is doing that now and seeing it happen in RD just doesn't do it for me. That and we'd have to wait years to see it finished, I mean when is the next CAOS supposed to come out, Decemeber?)

      I mean so many 16 year olds are going around solving murders and opening up their own businesses and fighting off corrupted cops and gang members with drug issues... I mean that's a regular Saturday afternoon for "kids these days" XD I mean come on at least make the 'drama' believable. This whole G&G plot just makes it that much more absurd. I mean what teenager would play a game, voluntarily I might add, where you drink cyanide? ... Hello? Lol the wigs and caming. smh. What next. I would say stripping, but I guess we got that too.

      Not quite, I don't think, but he's "Myles McCoy"... I didn't notice that and found a tweet about it (here).

      Yeah. I get that. I'll have to locate my drafts again, or just do them over. I doubt anyone would, but it's understandable. I wish more users would ask first before creating pages, I mean sometimes its like creating pages for the sake of it when there's only like two or three lines of dialogue about said topic.

      I guess. It seems some users are for it, other not so much. Then others that are just watching it because it's a spinoff and whine about it later.

      It's meant to hover as while. Not sure if that's a mobile thing or not, but it's a new dev code to 'fandomize' the feed. I didn't do the "RecentChanges" feed, wanted to test a few things out first, see if I like it. The font and stuff to the main heading and subheading for articles? I think you did, but still great to hear. I've also restyled the tabbers as well. Some things are small, others like the "WikiActivity" feed are larger changes. Nothing too drastic, I hope.

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    • Agreed! I know it's soon and we've 23 episodes or something like that, but I'd like to know a few things before arriving at episode 19 through fillers and dragged stuff still knowing nothing. I remember RAS mentioning Waco and other cults, but by now we don't even know Edgar's face and the cult just seem a new age group making babies flying. Fruit juice with cyanide should be a reference to one of this cults, meaning G&G and the Farm are probably related. Yeah it's scheduled for December, but I won't bet on it. there's also another spinoff/Special of Jughead the hunger (werewolves) ft. Vampironica and Moose as the Frankenstein monster. And they're restyling Archie with new team meaning new fonts, writers, artists etc because Archie main series reached 700 (not sure how they're keeping count because the relaunched Archie isn't classic Archie 🤔 they were around 30 issues).

      I was close lol we saw Josie's dad how many times? One?

      Again, agreed. It's just adding extra work to admin/moderators who already have to revise pages. Also stub articles will always be incomplete when there's nothing to say about the topic.

      Yeah it hovers! I saw the tabbers too! I like when wikis have their personal touch and are unique even by keeping the standard, unchangeable wiki format.

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