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  • Hey. I meant to respond earlier, but, as you can tell, I've been busy with Comic Con images, among other things. I've not even begun to tag them yet, which I'll probably do tomorrow.

    To answer the other message... Yeah I've not really seen many 'spoilers' either. I already follow so many, and there's like only a couple from RD. Though most of it seems harmless of what they post

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    • I've read it too and I don't think I'll watch it. I liked Coven, but Apocalypse was a disappointment. Not even the powers were the same! When he said crossover I imagined like the Murder House episode (and the previous guest appearances like in the hotel and freak Show). He's just ruining the timeline / continuity by milking the show like that. Also, I'm annoyed by actors playing too many characters. It was a special thing for a special episode, now it's in every single episode with too many of them (and it doesn't help that actors are frequently playing similar personalities I can't really say if it's Billie Dean or Lana Winters or Ally).

      Yeah the more they go on, the more I'm confused and not in a good way like "can't wait to see what happens next" but more as "I'm not understanding what I'm watching". On the bright side, I'm not annoyed by Betty this season and that's a great deal! I'm also liking they split the core four and characters are doing other stuff. Now just give us more Cheryl, Kevin and Josie! One thing I know for sure is that I find it difficult to like a Cult in any show. They always seem fake af, undeveloped and unbelievable. Ahs Cult is a clear example. But I knew that those nuns were up to no good when they still do conversion therapy in 2018. "quiet mercy" sure.... 🙄

      Got it! Don't think it's the case for DW and AHS though I might be wrong. I like them more when they're personalized and unique to the show. Like here for Midnight Texas!

      This season 2 is really witching things up, but I wanted more Celeste! Didn't see that coming for Patience because I was under the impression she was just going to be Manny's new gf after they vanquished Kai, but now it's really on edge! Still don't like how they ended things with Chuy and Joe. That's very ooc for Joe.😣

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    • Well, this is over due XD. For whatever reason I missed this message and it popped up today. Smh FANDOM's notification bug.

      I get it's an anthology or whatever, but too many characters. Lol I know right. I couldn't keep up especially when characters were dying off. They could get new actors and probably pay them cheaper or disregard it and could have focused on on the main plot, but I guess, the first few episodes were to give use something familiar for the continuity change at the end.

      I'm looking forward to the Bizzarodale episode with Cheryl and co front and center. She's been alright. The plot is hard for me to swallow, or really to believe at times, but I guess they have to make it fill with drama that's beyond what normal Highschoolers go through. One of the new episodes they're preping for the SATs, which, compared to everything else, is just hilarious. I don't understand why they painted the SoQM in that light... I mean I get group homes and stuff get bad wraps, but that's just perpetuating the horrible stereotype and the whole 'conversion' therapy... it's (now) 2019, is that still a thing? You'd think RAS would treat his storyline a little better because he keeps trashing Cheryl and not even giving her a chance to just react to these horrible things that keep happening to her.

      I like personalization as well. I 'shop' around for thing and see what idea I can come up with to redesign or take elements from to make something a little more unique -and I'm always up for new ideas.

      Chuy and Joe's ending was horrible. Didn't expect Patience at all, I too thought just the new gf. They really pointed fingers at Fiji and I really liked her whole dark witch route. Very interesting S2. Could have used more Celeste and hate what happened to Addie. Smh. Any other thoughts on the 'series' finale? Kinda hope another network picks it up since NBC is shopping it around. Sadly, not really expecting it to happen. Shame really. Hear that Grimm is getting a spin off or something, so I guess, they canceled MT, to replace their supernatural drama.

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