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  • Yo! Last thread limit was reached.

    It was more like Davina had a split personality when it came to those things. Like one minute she is fighting and has the mentality to back it up then other times, it's completely different and she's scared. I like offensive magic like that. I wish more witches would employ this type of magic. They always go for the pain infliction on vampires versus just breaking their necks, or you know setting them on fire. Bonnie, a relatively untrained witch believe she could resurrect her Grams back when she died, yet Davina, growing up with magic and knowledge of the AP didnt believe that... hm, something seems a bit off. S1 really just erked my nerves. Lol who cared if Marcel had Davina, the witches could have still fought back. Yeah. I didn't think they would actually resurrect her, so a little surprised. Though since they are linked, I bet she's not around long. (Got to give Kol a reason to leave again. --or Davina and him sets off in the sunset. lol)

    I could get behind that. I mean, tv shows don't, usually, have a mass or werewolves anyways all changing at once, seems like one or two suits would be fine, production wise. Lol real wolves, you have to pay for time, handling, transport.. seems costly and I'm sure the actors request additional pay for working with live animals.

    I just like the thought of unique effects to differentiate things and the incantations to have been more accurate. Stick with Latin, etc. for TVD and French for TO ancestral witches. I think I would have like to seen Freya's to be in Norwegian or something related to her and her mother/aunt's native tongue.

    The Daycare Diaries. That's exactly what people want to see for a supernatural show. Perfect thing to save it. Klaroline should have been done when Klaus left MF that last time. Cut the rope and let it end right then. Lol mood killers, scene killers, killers in general... we can do without them, separately, much less than having them together.

    I would have like for the Heretics to come in, guns a blazin and destroy MF, then again they can't expose the superntural community. They never really discussed that (like other shows and movies do), but it was very misleading. Yeah it was Damon and it really did look apocalyptic. Since they did retcon and have the Heretics they should have been a legit threat, but they killed two through Heart Extraction, two just wanted love and blew themselves up and the other one was taken down by Rayna. Smh. Should have been better.

    Oh I like that idea. I can see it going one of two ways. Either Archie, through Jughead, joins the serpents to figure out who killed his father (if he died) or.... he finds out it was a serpent and that completely strains or breaks friendship with Jughead, because he's a serpent now. I think either would be a great version to tell, though the latter seems a little more challenging to come back from, fractured friendship and all. I do like their dynamic though. Chicago, my bad, at least it was a major city :P. the finer details that elude me. Yeah I can see Mary coming back for a bit, probably nothing permanent if Fred lives. I need to catch up on crazy polly then.

    Yeah. I really hate filler episodes, especially when they are completely random and stupid. Musicals are pretty lame. I just can't (usually) get behind them, though there were a couple funny songs from the Buffy episode. XD. I wonder if they are going to explore the drug angle throughout s2 or if they are going to wrap that up by midseason. I mean seems like with Hiram coming in, if he has something to do with it, they will keep that going. They nipped that in the bud really quick. Wished other shows would have done that... because you know Love Triangles are a natural part of relationships nowadays.

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    • I think she will do it since this is her last chance with S5 being the final season. Lol I could definitely see Josh calling Hope the super witch, and that will probably be the start of their friendship. We already got a peak at her besting Freya in S4, so now that she's a teenager, it wouldn't surprise me that she does it to a greater degree during S5. Hahaha. That's awesome. Put an end to to the super witch by triggering her wolf gene. The only problem with that is that we risk another dumbass Crescent. Hopefully, she takes after Klaus more than she does Hayley in that aspect. But like you said, they could come up with the bs 'she is the first of her kind' excuse. I completely dropped Arrow seasons ago because it was such trash. LoT is solid though. SG bores tf out of me.

      Exactly. Seems like they just introduce something new bc they could. No actual reason for it. I love the unpredictability of Kate. Always wondering what she's gonna do next. Deuc wanted a super Alpha pack. I wish I could've seen that come true. I would assume she is bringing the Berserkers. I see an epic battle in our near future if the Berserkers are involved. I could see Argent and Kate teaming up. He may not approve of her methods, but that's still his sister. Never understood why Corey wasn't part werewolf. Maybe then he'd be more useful. I hate that he got to stay as a boring chimera while Hayden didn't. It is kinda random but that just seems to be the case. At least with Jackson. It was never actually explained why Kate was a jaguar, but that was just my take on it.

      That's how crazy and invested some of these shippers are. It's all fake. In the end, DE went their separate ways. Why can't you ungrateful crybabies just be happy that they got like 60 years of happily ever after. It's a lot of fuss over one little scene.

      TO hates wolves outside of Hayley, so I doubt they gonna go through all that just to introduce one but it would be great if they did. I have to know what the rest of Keelin's bloodline was like.

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    • Yeah. Who knows. Seems more like she will (like she did with TVD) if she can get Caroline (which doesn't seem like an issue) though Idk how believable it will be if she's not in it all season (plus his killing spreed attitude). Lol maybe that is why Josh became a regular... lol Hope's new babysitter and best friend. I swear if they make Hope a triggered wolf and retain her magic, that will just screw everything up even worse. Then again, they would be the ones to endorse teenage killers. I mean look at Phoebe's comment about her and Hope running around as wolves. -.- LoT is really good. I can't wait to see what they have in store for this next season. SG's fight scenes are pretty great. The romance stuff is boring, not as bad as other shows. I'll probably drop Arrow unless something catches my eye.

      Yeah which is pointless. lol. That generally makes a good villain. Probably why Kai was so good. Is Deucalion coming back as well? I know he was around with the Nazi wolf and Beast. Not sure what happened after that. Yeah. Very rarely, if ever do we see the villain win and if they do, it's only for a couple episodes. I hope she brings them back for an epic showdown. (she would then likely turn on the others, but hey, it would be interesting). Lol true, but I guess they didn't want a werewolf that could become invisible. The whole science and supernatural, imo, was just silly. Like it's not supernatural it's science, yet she was resurrected by "supernatural" means, then was bitten and became supernatural, more or less again. Like it's such a headache and convoluted. Yeah, no I get that. To me, it being the luck of the draw or being random and the "it's your true self" kinda answer is just lame. What gets me is that Jackson, what "cure" or died or whatever as the kanima and became a werewolf (btw, excited to actually/hopefully see that) so seems like there would be the possibility for that to happen to Kate. LOL ironic twist Victoria wasn't killed by Chris XD... throw her back into the mix.

      Lol crazy shippers. I don't understand it. They "find" or create, crazy substantial meaning things out of the smallest actions and label you as something else, if you don't instantly share their view. Like okay. At the end of the day, it's a tv show, it's fake and it's not going to mean anything in 2-, 5-, 10-years from now. Lots of fuss for no reason.

      True. I don't see JP doing anything with the wolves either. Unless she wants to give Hayley something to due, back in NO, other than being with her child. (hmm. then again it's a boarding school, which didn't cross my mind, but you'd think such a special snowflake wouldn't live there for her or the other student's protection. Lol She literally has no purpose other than a LI, so I really doubt that, then again, it could be done as flashbacks, but I don't see the need for that either.

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  • Hi, Killer kev!

    Midnight, Texas was approved for both the Fantasy and Vampire wikis footers :) Rather than stack them on the main page, I figured I'd put the decision in your hand as to which one(s) you wanted displayed - the site appears in all of them, regardless.

    Best regards,


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  • What do you think about customizing/creating specialized badges.

    I rather like the idea of "You can set up more than one category track, so try choosing two categories that would help users show off their specialty! Ignite a rivalry between the users who edit Vampires pages and the users who edit Werewolves pages,..."

    I wish TVD had this because of there main two species

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  • Hi. I’ve given you admin and bureaucrat rights on this community as you requested. You now have the tools you need to clean up, customize and maintain the wiki.

    Check out your Admin Dashboard, which can by found by clicking "Admin" on the bottom toolbar -- it has links to all your new tools. Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with your new (old) wiki!

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  • Super excited for a new supernatural drama and this looks promising! Hopefully a viable TVD replacement once it sadly comes to a close.

    So if you need any assistance let me know and I'll do what I can to contribute!

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