Usually I'm the freak in the room.
— Manfred to Lemuel Bridger

Manfred Bernardo is a psychic and newcomer to Midnight, Texas. Given his powers, he is also considered a medium and, as such, can become vulnerable to possession from the ghosts that he interacts with, making his gift also a curse. Furthermore, he's a little bit of a crook as he uses his gifts to pull cons to make easy money. Manfred was on the run from a gypsy named Hightower, who wanted to kill him. He decided to hide in Midnight, after his dead grandma’s ghost advises him to. Once he's moved, he quickly becomes involved in the town's drama as he attempts to help solve the murder of Aubrey Hamilton.


While much of Manfred's past is still not known, he's been on the run for roughly a year due to the scam he and his grandmother, Xylda, pulled on a man named Hightower; he aims to collect a $100,000 debt owed. Xylda made a deal with Hightower, an arranged marriage with his daughter Violet to Manfred in exchange for money. On the wedding day, Xylda was paid and Manfred left Violet at the altar.

While on the run from Hightower, Manfred spent the year taking care of Xylda who had been diagnosed with cancer, using the money from their scam for her expensive treatments.

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

MTX 101-005-Manfred~Harold

In Pilot, Manfred is preparing for the day as he over looks the city of Dallas, Texas. That morning, he enthusiastically invites his client, Rachel, into the house suite as he performs a reading for her. Reluctantly he tells her that his fee has increased, though she's thoroughly convinced of his abilities and tells him that it's worth it. As he performs the séance, using Harold's wedding band, he makes contact and Manfred speaks for him. Soon though Harold becomes agitated that Rachel has been seeing someone and manifests to Manfred. He tells the ghost not to cross, though Harold possesses Manfred, taking him over and attacking Rachel because Harold felt betrayed for Rachel seeing his partner. As he attempts to kill Rachel, Manfred regains control of his body and expels the ghost.

After the reading ends, he checks his website; "Manfred Bernardo: Psychic and Seer". He gets a phone call from a man named "Hightower" who tells him that he can't run. Manfred tries to explain that he's not running but paying him back he just needs more time. The man refuses and Manfred hangs up on him, leaving the suite and the city altogether.

MTX 101-011-Xylda-Manfred

On the highway, he begins his five hour travel towards Midnight, TX; the ghost of his grandmother, Xylda joins him about a mile out from the city. They talk his "hijacking" earlier that morning and she tells him that he'll be safe in Midnight. Once in town, traveling Witch Light Road, he meets the gazes of the local inhabitants, namely Rev. Emilio Sheehan, Fiji Cavanaugh, and Joe Strong. As he parks, he's nearly ran over by a red headed woman going into the pawn shop. Once inside, as he looks around each object for sale, he begins to hear various voices of the long dead persons they once belonged to and the grief and other emotions begin to overwhelm him until Bobo Winthrop, his new landlord gets his attention and shows him his new property. Bobo asks if he could help him with his fiancé, though he stops him, telling him that it's all fake. Once he leaves, he spies cookies on his counter top, a welcoming from Fiji and consumes one.

MTX 101-030-Manfred-Olivia-Lemuel

That night he dines at Home Cookin' and meets Creek Lovell and they chat while she shows him to the Midnighter's room. There he joins Lemuel Bridger and Olivia Charity, the "red-head" from before. He sits and Lemuel sparks a conversation with him. As they talk, Lemuel apologies and leeches energy from him as he was worried that a few guys would start trouble with Creek. Manfred is worried though Lemuel reassures him and passes over a drink. He assures him that Midnight is very different in the daylight and suggest him to go to the Fall Annual Picnic with Creek.

The next day, he, Creek and Connor join the other Midnighters, though not long after, the body of Aubrey Hamilton. As he and the others rush to see, Aubrey's spirit seems to make eye contact with the psychic. The police are called and he talks with Officer Gomez as she's not seen him before, on account he just moved to Midnight. Tina expresses shock as she's surprised that something like "occult murder" hasn't happened before and insinuates Fiji, as she's claimed to be a witch. Manfred makes light of the situation and of her distaste towards Midnight in general.

That night, Manfred wakes to find that his bed is soaking wet, floor flooded with water and room freezing over. As he turns, Aubrey's ghost is there, though she's unable to speak, as she was drowned. Manfred mistakes her for wanting to possess him, though she spells out help on the foggy window. He agrees, only they have to do it his way. He goes to the local church and takes Holy Water and meets Rev. Sheehan and have an awkward conversation before the Rev informs him of the Sunday services.

MTX 101-060-Manfred-Ghosts

The following day he begins a summoning by pouring a black iron powder into a circle and sprinkles droplets of holy water over top. He opens his Ouija board and summons Aubrey. She manages to spell out the word "Pecados" though the summoning results in unwanted ghosts appearing, as well as something more sinister, and he's forced to flee. He places what appears to be an "evil eye" over the door to prevent the ghosts from possessing him.

Not long later, he sees that Officer Gomez coming to obtain his statement, though he quickly covers the floor of the dark presence seeping through the floor. He opens the door and she enters. He states he has nothing to do with the murder, backing up his claim he tells her that he just moved here. Officer Gomez ignores him, saying that he's acting weird and wants to take a look around. She also states that he lies to people for a living. As her gaze is brought to the door where Manfred trapped the spirits, he offers up the information he got from Aubrey's séance.

MTX 101-072~Tina-Manfred-Sherriff

With the new information, Officer Gomez and Sheriff Livingston move the investigation to "Acequia de Pecados" and Manfred accompanies them. They belittle Manfred's abilities until a gun is found in the river. Officer Gomez drops him back off in Midnight and he returns to his RV. There he talks to his grandmother. He tells her he thought he would be safe, though, given the murder, he needs to leave. As they talk Olivia knocks on his door. He's a little surprised to see her and she cold-cocks him in the face, knocking him out.

He finds himself, nearly naked and tied up, in Olivia's room. Fiji and Lemuel soon join her as he's questioned about his move to Midnight. He tells them that his grandmother had a strong psychic feeling that he'd be safe and Lemuel recognizes the name. Lemuel tells Olivia to let him go and they talk as he dresses. Manfred questions why Midnight is special and Fiji explains that the veil is thin. He understands though he turns to leave, having enough excitement for the day.

The next morning, he goes to the Gas N Go and purchases beer and milk. He talks with Creek, who's managing the storefront and he explains his facial injuries as a box falling from a shelf. He asks if she's okay with what happened at the picnic. She turns cold, as Shawn Lovell, takes over. Back at his RV, he answers clients from his online psychic reading website. "Hightower" calls again and informs him that he knows he's in Texas, though Manfred ends the call before it can go any further. Knocking at the door startles him, and he finds Creek waiting for him. She apologizes for acting weird because she didn't want to get into it with her dad. He welcomes her in and offers her a beer.

MTX 101-105-Manfred~Creek

They talk and she tells him that she wants to write, though she won't leave until Connor leaves the house. She continues that Creek knows about Lemuel and to an extent that the others are different as well, though does not offer an explanation. She eventually tells him that she googled him and asks about his abilities. He tells her that most of it is just for show, but she gets him to perform a reading on her. He tells her that she will or has possibly already met her soul mate who will see her for who she is. She claims that to be the "theater" part though she wants him to kiss her.

MTX 101-112-Manfred

Before he can, Bobo is arrested for Aubrey's murder. He, Creek, and the other Midnighters join Bobo, Sheriff Livingston and Officer Gomez in the street as they put Bobo in the back of the police cruiser. Fiji fights on Bobo's behalf and Lemuel steps in as Manfred nods at Joe and then meets Creek gaze, helpless to do anything. Fiji refuses to let them leave with Bobo and begins to crush and levitate the cruiser. Rev. Sheehan and Olivia try to calm Fiji and Manfred steps in, telling them he'll help to free Bobo of the crime. Fiji relents and they let them pass. As he returns to his home, the sinister presences under his home seem to have a greater foothold as shadows of spirits outline the windows and an ominous red glow emits from the house.

MTX 102-004-Manfred~Xylda

In Bad Moon Rising, Manfred, unable to enters is house, relents and returns to the RV, where his grandmother is waiting for him. Manfred's frustrated though Xylda asks if he's had a bad night. He confesses his worries and even wants to cut and run from Midnight, though Xylda convinces him that he needs people in his life and that Midnighters will protect their own. He's apprehensive about returning, though she encourages him to be himself and that he needs to tell him what's going on and to ask for help.

Manfred takes his grandmother's advice and meets the Midnighters at the pawn shop. He tells them about the poltergeist infestation with the "growling" for the demonic entity underneath his house. Fiji offers her services, telling him that she knows her way around a haunt. Joe offers to come as well, as he's curious.

MTX 102-021-Joe-Manfred

The following morning Manfred brings Fiji and Joe to his house, who immediately feel that there's something wrong. The glowing and growling under the floor also catch their attention, until Manfred mentions that Aubrey's there. He talks to her, telling her that he needs her help because Bobo's been arrested. He asks her to show him whated and that she can borrow his body; she possesses him and he gets visions of her murder. Manfred begins to cough up water and Joe and Fiji take him from the house to the Inquiring Mind.

MTX 102-031-Manfred

At Fiji's shop, he wakes well rested, because her home is "quite". She offers him a cup of herbal tea. Fiji tells him it will help make him feel better as she gathers different items from around the house and that it's inhospitable to the dead. He tells her that Aubrey was murder by a Sons of Lucifer though Fiji counters that she was married to one. She urges him to tell Sheriff Livingston while she prepares to cleanse his house and to remove the "thing" under his house with an exorcism.

MTX 102-040-Joe-Manfred

Joe picks him up and they stop at Gas N Go to fill up the truck. While Joe is talking with Shawn inside, Creek checks in with Manfred. He tells her that he saw something and thinks it will help Bobo. Creek thinks he's trying to impress her. At the station, Manfred tells the Sheriff what he saw and what Aubrey felt, though he's skeptical. He offers a simpler explanation: that Manfred was responsible. Joe reaffirms Manfred's truth that he wouldn't have come if he was involved. Manfred tells him that if he wants to find the killer, he will need to keep looking. They drive back to Midnight and Manfred hope that the new information helps.

Sometime that afternoon, with Fiji, Manfred reenters the house. Fiji admires one of the trinkets that hangs from the door to stop the spirits. Manfred recounts that his family fought Demons and demonic possession back in Europe and that Xylda kept a lot of intriguing items. Fiji opens the door and asks if it was as bad as before. Manfred tells her that it's worse and tells her that they are circling him. He is their ride back to the land of the living and tells him that she can't compete for their attention. He tells her that he'll wait for her on the porch.

MTX 102-065-Creek-Manfred

Manfred takes a walk down Witch Light Road and finds Tina, dead, strung up in a tree near the church. He runs to Home Cookin' and tells Manfred that she can't let the patrons leave. She asks why and he tells her about the body and she tells the customers to stay as long as they need. He asks about Creek but she tells him that she's at her other job at the Gas N Go. He runs to the gas station, fearing for Creek with, unknown that a weretiger is on the loose. Once he got there, he's attacked and scratched. He and Creek run through the gas station to try and escape, thought the weretiger blocks their path. They run back towards Midnight and take shelter in Manfred's RV. Manfred takes a look at the wound and she applies pressure to keep it from bleeding, though the tiger jumps on top of the RV and slashes at the roof. Xylda offers for them to stop talking and run, though Olivia and Lemuel show up and she takes several shots at the Rev. before he runs off. Olivia accuses him of releasing the Rev, though he points to Tina's body strung up in the adjacent tree. He asks if he'd turn in to a were and Olivia corrects him; that you're born a "were" and not turned. Lemuel smells his injury, that he's bleeding, and Creek takes him to Madonna who sews up his wounds and tells him that she better not regret sewing him up, as she's too is protective over Creek.

MTX 102-078-Manfred-Fiji

From Home Cookin', Manfred sees lights and the demonic glowing coming from his house and rushes over to check on Fiji. He's worried though she successfully cleanses the house, making it inhospitable to ghosts. Manfred asks about the Devil's Net as it is seemingly dripping blood though she tells him that something really evil still roams the house; the demonic glow beneath the floor returns. It calls out to Fiji, though Manfred, who wants to leave, doesn't appear to hear the demonic voice. She calls out to it, asking what it wanted, though before Manfred can take her and leave, he's flung from the home by the unseen force.

MTX 102-087-Manfred-Fiji

Manfred bursts back into the house, though the entity has taken control over her body. He asks what's doing it, though she doesn't know. The demon forces her up against a wall though, he can't pull her down. Fiji pleads with him to help her. Manfred looks back at the mirror and, peering into a hellish dimension, sees a demonic hand reaching up Fiji's leg. Fiji begs for him to help her, though he can't, he needs someone more powerful to help. He returns to the RV and gets his great-great-great-great grandma's skull and calls out to his ancestor's for help. The power seemingly banishes the demon back to hell, though, for good measure, he breaks the mirror and Fiji is release from his grasp. She wants to leave and go home, though Manfred stops her and tells her that the Rev has escaped.

She and Manfred go to the nearby ranches in hopes of finding the Rev. They locate a dead cow and Fiji call Olivia, though the weretiger advances towards them. Before the weretiger attacks them, Lemuel and Olivia arrive and Lemuel subdues the beast.

MTX 102-128-Manfred-Creek

The following morning, he, Fiji and Olivia watch as the weretiger transforms back into Rev. Sheehan. That night, Manfred greets Bobo, who comes to thank him with a "Palmistry" sign. Manfred tells Bobo, that Aubrey wanted him to know the truth, that what she felt for Bobo was real. He thanks him again and Creek knocks at the door. She checks on him and his stitches. He tells her that he's sore but better and Creek mentions that he's making himself at home, who she thought he was going to leave. He tells her that he can't because he's gotten a sign and they embrace in that long-awaited kiss.

MTX 103-002-Creek-Manfred

In Lemuel, Unchained, Manfred watches as Creek gets dressed from spending the afternoon together. He tempts her to stay, pulling her into another hug and kiss, though she dismisses him, that she was late for dinner and father and brother. He tells her it's been a pretty good afternoon though he'd like to have an actual dinner date with her. She seemed willing but tells him that it has to be baby steps. He helps look for her earring that she's lost, though lets it go as she already late. He offers to walk her home, as the last time she was out after dark, she was attacked. She comments that it's not a full moon and that one overprotective man, i.e. her father, in her life is more than enough, though tells him that her father can never know.

Not long after she leaves, he sends her a text message, asking if she missed him yet. Though moments later, he heard her screams and came running. He joined Lemuel on the street, who had already subdued her attacker, while Rev. Sheehan, Bobo, and Fiji joined him. Manfred defends Creek, though before anything further happens, Lemuel reveals that he knew the man, Zachariah, and that they were old friends.

MTX 103-028~Manfred~Creek~Rev. Sheehan~Fiji~Bobo

After Lemuel takes Zachariah to the pawn shop, Manfred and the other Midnighters gather at the Chapel and discuss the arrival of the vampires; he asks if it's "normal" for a nest of vampires to drop in. Creek and Bobo mention that Lemuel is the only vampire they've seen. They go on to discuss the strange occurrences happening in, or around, Midnight, including Aubrey's and Sheriff Livingston's murder, the demonic entity plaguing Manfred's house and, recently, the Rev.'s escape on the full moon. With the arrival of the vampire nest, Midnight has only gotten more dangerous. Rev. mentions that the church is a sanctuary, should anything happen. Fiji also tells the Midnighters that garlic, holy water and invitations to homes are all lies. Manfred asks how to specifically kill a vampire, to which the Rev. answers; they can be killed either with a wooden stake to the heart or with sunlight, silver will only weaken them.

MTX 103-037-Olivia-Manfred

With their meeting concluded, Manfred seeks out Olivia, as she's leaving Home Cookin'. He doesn't trust them and wanted her opinion on the matter. She tells them that she doesn't know them, though he convinces her to help him search their bus as vampires make "dead people" and that he can talk to them. Once on the bus, he doesn't find any ghosts, though they stumble upon a young women, hooked up to an IV which was drawing out her blood. They initially thought she was dead, though she roused. Manfred wanted to get her out of there however, she managed to explain to them that she wasn't forced, that she willingly participated in giving up her blood as a personal source of food for them since she was picked up back in Tulsa.

MTX 103-048-Manfred

Unable to sway the women, he and Olivia take the matter straight to Lemuel and to confront Zachariah's actions. Pia was furious though Zachariah was use to the suspicion. Manfred was worried for the women's health, as she could barely stand, though Zachariah's mentions the "groupie" Tiffany, would be fine after she ate. Unable to do anything for Tiffany, Manfred leaves them to continue their reunion. He heads back to the RV and speaks with Xylda about vampires. She tells him that all vampires are killers, though she mentions that Lemuel is the exception. He continues to question why she thought he'd be safe in Midnight. She muses that it is safe, but he might have to fight to keep it that way.

MTX 103-065-Manfred-Mean Vampire

After the conversation with Xylda, Manfred takes her advice and heads to the local hardware store. He picks up wooden fence stakes and a hammer, though before he can purchase the items, the lights go out. He looks around the store, though, seemingly, no one is around and he slips on something in the floor; it's blood. The store owner, dead, just mere feet from him. He gets up to flee, though, with his back to the counter, a vampire attacks him from behind. Struggling to find something to defend himself, he grabs a hold of a pencil from the counter-top and stabs the vampire in the chest. The vampire mocks him because he used a pencil and that it had to be in the heart; Manfred promptly kicks the pencil into his check, piercing the heart, rendering the vampire into dust. He immediately goes to the church and tells the Rev. about what happened. The Rev. and Joe proceed to call mass, bringing the townsfolk of Midnight to church.

MTX 103-078~Xylda-Manfred

Back at the RV, Manfred calls Creek, though she does not answer him. He wonders why they've lied to Lemuel, going so far to say they were friends. Xylda tells him that they "once" were friends and that a lot has happened. She then proceeds to tell him about her past with Lemuel and the part she played in Lemuel's change of diet. Still haven't heard from Creek, Manfred goes to seek out the Lovells when the vampires went on the attack. He greets Creek at the door, who was ready with a stake of her own creation. He urges them to come with him, though Shawn doesn't want him coming around his house. Creek tries to persuade him, though he ignores her. Manfred, pressed for time, immediately knocks him unconscious and they load him up in his RV.

MTX 103-100-Creek-Manfred

They attempt to make it back to the church though the streets are filled with vampires. One latches onto the side of the RV and punches his way into the RV, though Creek stakes him before he could harm Manfred. Unable to make it to the church due to the numerous vampires, he doubles back to his place and they rush inside as a vampire rushes them. Just as Manfred passes the threshold, the vampire is repelled backwards. Creek is confused, though Manfred tells her that Fiji made his house inhospitable to the dead. Manfred and Creek peer out of the window as the vampire presences in the streets grow more ominous. They soon learn from Bobo that Olivia has been injured and won't be able to bring them the targeted weapon. Creek refuses to sit back and doing nothing while they hold Lemuel hostage, waiting to the sun for a death sentence. Manfred develops a plan, though he will have to put himself in harm's way and leave the safety of his home. He goes to his bedroom, where Shawn assumed he was going to apologize for hitting him, though he mused, if it went badly, he'd be dead.

MTX 103-127-Manfred-Vampires

Manfred leaves his house with a box, proclaiming to the vampires that surround him that he has what Zachariah wants, the same power that his grandmother gave to Lemuel. In exchange for this power, he wants Zachariah to let him and the other Midnighters, including Lemuel, to walk out of there alive. He opens the box, though nothing her there and Zachariah becomes furious and tells him that he's a dead man. Before he can attack Manfred, the vampires are destroyed by the powerful crystal that could emulate sunlight was shown from the nearby bell tower.

The next morning, the Midnighters walked into the street, Manfred with Olivia by his side, reuniting with everyone. As they walk off, he sees Joe and questions how he got the light up the tower, though he just says he snuck past them as he was distracting them. Joe complimented him on how he stood up for the town and saved everyone.

MTX 104-010-Creek-Manfred

In Sexy Beast, Manfred and Creek are spending more and more time together. As they shower together, she runs her fingers over the still healing wounds of the weretiger attack scars, and then over the scar where he was shot. She tells him that she's been meaning to ask him about it, though he claims that there's not much to tell. He briefly elaborates that Xylda ran a scam that turned sour and he got shot. He offers that he's working to repay the debt. Creek mentions that she'd hate for her father to be right that he's a no good con-man that's going to break her heart. He entertains the thought and asks why her father would perceive that about him; she mentions that besides the online psychic thing, with the RV, he looks like the type of person who's on the run from something. Manfred muses that looks can be deceiving though, in this situation, they're not. Creek offers that she doesn't care what her father thinks and that she's just using Manfred for his body and if he wants it to continue, then it has to remain a secret from her father. Manfred tells her that all the sneaking around makes it hot; Creek approves and admits that it feels less oppressive. As she leaves, she gives him a goodbye kiss and he finishes his routine hygiene and checks his phone; seven missed calls from Hightower.

MTX 104-019-Manfred

A while later, he returns to the RV and talks with Xylda. He continues to take an unknown medication and expresses that he's not sure that moving to Midnight was a good idea. Xylda offers that she thought he likes it here because he continues to see the "cute waitress". Manfred avoids the conversation about Creek by mentioning the debt he's working to repay. The online psychic work is okay, but in order to repay Hightower, he needs to make serious cash. Xylda asks about his old clients, the rich widows that would love one-on-one psychic sessions with "The Great Manfredo". He rejects the thought, claiming that for his A-list clients, they expect more "pomp and circumstance", i.e. fancy hotels and mini bars, than his RV. Xylda tries to reassure him, though he pops another pill and she berates him, that those pills won't help. He believes it will and changes the subject again; he plays a message from Hightower and tells her that he wants his pound of flesh and his life ended. Before he could continue, Patsy knocks on his RV door, asking for his psychic assistance to locate her missing brother. Manfred initially refuses, though changes his tune when she offers $5,000.

MTX 104-027-Manfred

He sets up for the séance and asks for something that was meaningful for her brother, Ted, to receive psychic impressions. She offers him his pinky ring that she took from him for collateral. As the ceremony progresses, Ted's spirit is summoned to the RV. Patsy notices a change in Manfred and looks behind her, though he dismisses it, claiming that he was getting images. He asks if her brother worked with heavy machinery, though she responds that he didn't even have a job. Ted tries conversing with his sister, admitting that he sucked as a son and brother and that he should've not picked up that "hot blonde". This gives Manfred a clue and asks him about what hot blonde, for him to elaborate further, though this comes to no shock to Patsy, as her brother was a ladies man.

MTX 104-055-Manfred

Later in the day, Manfred is at a strip joint, the "Boobie Trap" inquiring about the hot blonde that killed Ted. With no new clues, he leaves the place, heading for the next location on his list of possible leads. Later that evening, at a rest stop off the highway, he spots Ted's Cadillac and a green challenger. He inspects the Cadillac and finds Ted's blood covering the driver's seat. He goes towards the truck and finds even more blood on the bumper and license plate; asking himself if Ted was there. Soon he hears a woman's voice singing This Little Light of Mine and heads into the men's restroom where Gina, the hot blonde is cleaning herself off. She's taken with Manfred, that there's an abundance of handsome and naughty men for her to gorge herself on. Manfred tells her that she's not his type though she can feel how bad he's been; she reveals her succubus form and attacks. Manfred is only a couple steps quicker and knocks her back with his baseball bat and runs outside, sticking the bat in the door to lock her inside. He heads back to the RV and hightails it out of there, though Gina, breaking through the bat, is right behind him. He watches her in his rear view mirror as he pulls away from the rest stop.

MTX 104-063-Creek-Manfred-Joe-Fiji-Lemuel-Chuy

Have encountered the killer creature, he heads to the Inquiring Mind, to Fiji, seeking her help. He regroups with the other Midnighters at Home Cookin'. Manfred gives Joe enough details for him to sketch out her description. He described her features as having a couple rows of many teeth and an open mouth like a gaping hellhole. He also mentions that she had a spider web tattoo on her left shoulder and that she was literally eating her victims. With the description and Manfred's information, Lemuel comes to the conclusion that she's a Succubus; a rare and ancient supernatural hunter that feeds on men who have caused pain. This information does not go unnoticed with Creek and asks who he's hurt. He avoids the answer by asking who hasn't caused anyone some form of pain. Lemuel ponders why now would a succubus show itself in Midnight and recklessly expose her kills. Manfred asks how she can be taken care of and Joe obliviously answers that "Dragon's Breath" would kill her. Manfred looks him over and Joe corrects himself that it's from medieval folklore while Chuy interjects it's from Wikipedia. Unable to find a dragon in the literal sense, he asks again about how to stop a succubus; Fiji believes she knows the answer to their problem.

Back at the Inquiring Mind, he, Joe and Creek watch as Fiji explains and creates a tincture; a potion that will remove the succubus' glamour so that without her looks, she won't be able to lure in men. With a way to slow her down, Manfred asks how they will locate her; Creek offers that the only place suitable for a Thursday night would be the Cartoon Saloon.

MTX 104-092-Manfred-Creek

They soon arrive at the Cartoon Saloon, vials of tincture for each of them and they pair off; looking for the hot blonde. Creek accompanies Manfred. While at the bar, she spots a blonde woman and approaches her, though it turns out not to be the succubus. Her date, though, is sorely taken with Manfred and moves towards a violent confrontation. He quickly dissolves the conflict, interjecting that he believed the women to be his ex --Tricia; that he saw her everywhere and that she walked out on him after five years of being together. The man offers his own advice, that he needed to let her go and move on. Creek was mildly impressed; Manfred admits that growing up in a gypsy caravan, he needed to learn how to avoid conflict.

They continue to search the Cartoon Saloon and with no luck, Manfred suggests that she may be somewhere else. Creek suggests the Boobie Trap, cluing Manfred in that she knew of his earlier activities of searching for the killer. He asks how did she know and confesses that Connor had followed him because he was worried about her. Manfred tells her that Connor following him was creepy though before he can elaborate, Creek informs him that he should have brought her along with him. This intrigues him, believing her to be the perfect girl.

MTX 104-107-Manfred-Lemuel-Olivia-Bobo~Chuy

Soon thereafter, Creek, outside in the parking lot with Connor, messages the Midnighters that she's located the succubus. They quickly leave the bar and Lemuel takes her away into the adjacent woods, to make their confrontation private. Manfred shuttles the other Midnighters in his RV and they surround Gina as her glamour is forcefully removed. Lemuel berates her, that indiscriminate hunting will not be tolerated within or around Midnight. She lunges for him, though he knocks her back into a tree, momentarily knocking her out, though she quickly recovers and runs off into the woods. She then goes after Connor, who had followed them out into the woods, and he yells for Creek as he runs. The Midnighters split up again and Manfred doubles back to the RV, leaving Creek. They find Connor and before he's harmed, Manfred arrives with a propane tank. Lemuel whisks Connor away from Gina and Manfred sets her ablaze, rendering her a pile of black gunk.

The following morning, Patsy pays Manfred for his services, indicating that they would have never found her brother's body without his help. As she leaves, Creek catches his attention. He asks about Connor and they both are grateful for what he's done, she reciprocates with a kiss.

MTX 105-003-Manfred-Xylda

In Unearthed, Manfred is preparing for the day ahead, fixing coffee when he hears a knock at the door. He opens to find no one there, though a small jack in the box rests at the edge of the steps. He investigates, and finds a note within, it reads: The old train station. 10 am. He immediately goes to Xylda, telling her that Hightower has finally found him, though he could have easily have shot him when he opened the door. Xylda explains that he wants to make him suffer first and Manfred admits that it's working. Xylda wishes she had never gotten him involved with this mess and Manfred muses that she didn't even have the decency to stay alive and help him out of it. He seeks her advice, "Do I meet him?" he asks. Xylda advises against it and offers that he asks for help.

MTX 105-022~Creek-Manfred

Later that morning, Manfred meets Creek at Home Cookin'. He asks if she's ever thought of leaving Midnight. She replies "all the time", and he offers her the chance to do so, that he lives in a house with wheels. Creek ignores his request, offering her own question in response as to why he was running. He explains that the guy that he owes money to has finally caught up to him. She reminds him that she's not leaving her brother with her dad and, as an alternative, he could ask the Midnighters for help. Manfred shrugs it off, believing it to be an inopportune time with the recent bombing. His instinct is to run, though, for the first time, with Creek, he has a reason to stay; Creek agrees. He then asks to borrow her car.

Shortly thereafter, Manfred proceeds to head to Midnight pawn. He offers to pawn table-full gold jewels, trinkets and other items that's been in his family for a long time, some at least since the 13th century. Bobo ask how much he wants for it; Manfred suggests $20,000, though Bobo counters with $15,000 and he accepts. As Bobo hands him cash, he asks if he also wants a pistol. He's reluctant but accepts as he plans to confront Hightower, and it might prove useful.

MTX 105-046-Manfred~Olivia

Later that night, he heads towards the train station, alone, pistol at the ready. Someone startles him from behind, as he swings the run around only to confront Olivia, who promptly tells him that the safety is own. He's confused as to why and how she found him and she elaborates that Creek was worried and came to her. After that, she found the note in the "Manfred-in-the-box". He claims that he can handle himself, though she is skeptical and reinforce that she's a professional. Besides that, she owed him one for him saving Lemuel, and she didn't like owing people. He accepts explains how his grandmother scammed Hightower out of $100,000 though he only had $78,000 in his current possession. Olivia decided that she'd front him the remaining $22,000. Olivia takes a point, taking the safety off of Manfred's gun while they stalk through the train station.

MTX 105-050-Manfred

They eventually come to a figure, draped in a red cloak, sitting in the middle of the room, whom they believe to be Hightower. They soon discover that it's Violet, Hightower's deceased daughter. Hightower then reveals himself, asking what else she was to him; for him to explain to Olivia. He admits that they were engaged, though Hightower elaborates that Manfred walked out on her, leaving her at the altar. Olivia doesn't care and offers to pay the $100,000 debt, plus interest; Hightower does not accept. Instead, he takes their guns, using telekinesis, and takes fire at them as they scurry to hide behind a set of barrels. Olivia is upset as Manfred neglected to inform her about his telekinesis, though he takes the moment to explain that it's black magic. Emptying both guns, Manfred and Olivia take the moment to retreat, escaping another assault from Hightower's telekinesis.

MTX 105-060-Manfred

Back in Midnight, he Olivia and Creek reconvene at Manfred's RV. With no other choice, he explains, in detail, what happened. Manfred explains that Xylda wasn't the only one who ran the grift on Hightower, he was actively involved as well and that Hightower's motives were personal. Physics and mediums run in his family, that it's passed on by blood relations and that Hightower was a gypsy with no abilities. Olivia is quick to remind him of the telekinesis that nearly shredded them to death, though Manfred corrects her that he sacrificed an eye for that power. Manfred continues, that Hightower was old world and wanted to be the patriarch of a powerful, magical family; this is where the grift initiated. Xylda promised him power, specifically by Manfred marrying his daughter, bringing magic back into his bloodline. Creek is upset to learn that Violet is engaged to Manfred, though Olivia quickly corrects her, stating that Violet is dead and Hightower is hauling her corpse around. Creek wrongfully assumes that Manfred killed her, though he denies this. Xylda was paid before the ceremony and he left her at the alter; a few week later she committed suicide. Manfred admits it's the worse thing he's ever done. Creek doesn't take this news well; she leaves, telling them that her break is almost over. Manfred runs after her but she claims that he's proven her dad right, that he's bad news and nothing but trouble.

MTX 105-078-Manfred

With Olivia's assistance, Manfred was able to lure Hightower into a trap, ambushing and chaining him up. Higher screams with rage and Manfred leave him alone, to calm himself so they can talk. A short time later, Manfred returns to talk, Hightower asking the first question, if he was happy, chaining him up like a dog. Manfred simply wants this to end so he doesn't have to constantly look over his shoulder, living in fear. He attempts to level with Hightower, telling him that he's a changed man who's willing to settle his debts. Hightower lists out the debts he's owed: the stolen money, his suffering and, finally, the life of his daughter. Manfred reasons that if it's a "life for a life" that he wants, then they are even. He explains that after they pulled the scam, Xylda fell ill, cancer as it was, and that treatment was expensive. Manfred had blown through the money, though ultimately Xylda succumbed to the illness; they both had lost someone they loved. This only infuriates Hightower; "You lost nothing" he spats venomously. Hightower, lacking no psychic abilities, is unable to communicate with his deceased daughter, unlike Manfred who can still see and talk to his grandmother. Manfred offers his gift, asking if he wanted to speak with his daughter, that he may be able to give him peace in doing so, that torturing him has gotten Hightower nowhere.

MTX 105-109-Manfred-Violet

Manfred follows Hightower back to the old, abandoned train station. Once there Hightower pushes him down a set of stairs where he's hidden his daughter's corpse. On the landing above, Hightower threatens Manfred that he better get the closure Manfred had promise otherwise he will die. As the morning sun rose, Manfred kneels in front of Violet; he summons her ghost and relays to Hightower that she's among them. Hightower wants proof. Violet speaks to Manfred, telling him that on the night of their marriage, her father had given her a christening dress for their grandchildren and explained their family legacy. This convinces Hightower and he comes down from the upper landing. Manfred asks what other messages she wants to relate to her father, though she tells him that she hopes he rots in Hell. Manfred attempts to calm her rage towards her father, though she refuses, that everything she did was for her father. Upset, she possesses Manfred, taken control of his body, speaking through him. As Violet attempts to kill her father, Manfred is able to take back control of his body, expelling her spirit, saving him. Manfred explains that Violet's spirit moved on, after she said her peace and offers Hightower his hand, asking if he's okay. Hightower, unsatisfied that he never found his peace, used his telekinesis once move, Manfred covering his head for a final assault remained unscathed. He raises his head, only to realize that Hightower committed suicide.

MTX 105-142-Manfred-Creek

That night, Manfred receives a knock on his door; it's Creek. She comments that he made it out alive and wonders if he did so as well. Manfred shakes his head no, telling her that it's a long story. He admits that he wasn't sure if he'd see her again, though Creek explains that he tried to make amends and she was sorry about what happened to his grandmother. They share a kiss and Manfred inquires if she could stay for a while, though Creek counters with if she could stay the night. Manfred wants to know what she'd tell her father, though Creek informs him that she's told him everything, that she's an adult and she was going to live out her life how she wanted. With Manfred's past behind him and their relationship in the open, Manfred wonders if their relationship will become boring; Creek insists that they will find out, together. He embraces Creek, kissing her passionately before shutting the door to his house.

MTX 106-022-Creek-Manfred

In Blinded by the Light, some time has passed with the Hightower situation. Manfred and Creek are cuddling in bed as he comments that it's nice that their relationship is out in the open and that she doesn't have to sneak off in the morning. As he lays there, kissing her, he sees another ghost and immediately stops. She questions if he's not in the mood, though he tells her that he has a headache. He rolls over and grabs a pill bottle, opening it and taking a few pills. Since her time with Manfred, she notices that he gets a lot of headaches and worries about him, suggesting that he see a doctor. Manfred brushes it off, telling her it's not about his health, but his ability to see ghosts. He goes on to explain to her that when he sees them, it makes him feel sick, like that of a hangover and the more he sees, the worse he feels, and he's been seeing a lot lately. Creek suggests a fool-proof hangover remedy; breakfast at Home Cookin'.

MTX 106-030-Rev. Sheehan-Ryan-Manfred

At Home Cookin', Manfred orders a fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and bacon with a cup of coffee, though before he eats, he takes another painkiller. Before he can enjoy his breakfast, the Rev. joins him, bidding him hello and asking about his night. Manfred, lying, tells him it was good; the Rev. replies that his night wasn't great either. Manfred remembers that the previous night was a full moon and the Rev. reveals that his were-self is hungry; Manfred confides in him that he's seeing more spirits and that it feels like something weird is going on. As they continue to speak, Ryan, one of the troublesome teenagers from the previous night that vandalized the cemetery, joins them; he's looking for Aerin, who never made it home and asks if they've seen her. Neither the Rev. or Manfred have seen her, though the Rev. suggests that his intuitive friend may be able to help. Ryan rejects this idea, that he doesn't want "witchy crap" used on him; he leaves, claiming it was a mistake for asking "you people" for help. After he leaves, Manfred reiterates "you people", to the Rev; he dismisses it, as they have yet another missing girl which will bring law enforcement back to Midnight.

MTX 106-037-Manfred

The Midnighters convene once again at the church to discuss the missing girl; best case scenario, she's out party. Olivia offers the worse, that she's dead in a ditch. Regardless of her status, Bobo suggests that they try to find the girl. Fiji offers a more ominous cause, she wonders if the disappearance of another girl is supernatural related. Creek corroborates this, mentioning that Manfred's seeing more ghost; he doesn't deny this, stating that he's seeing and hearing more ghosts and that psychic energy is off the charts. The Rev. also tells them that he's been finding dead animals and bugs all over Witch Light Road. Joe's quick to stir the conversation back to the missing girl and suggest that he's going to go search the ranches. The others pair off in twos, searching in and around Midnight; Manfred and Creek taking the back woods.

MTX 106-047-Bobo-Creek-Olivia-Manfred

As they search the woods, Manfred feels like the woods are beginning to all look the same though she and Connor explored the woods when they first moved to Midnight and she's knows them pretty well. She continues to open up to Manfred and tells him that she believes that their father is taking out his anger towards her on him. He asks if he's ever hit them before, though she tells him that even after their mother died, he's never laid a finger on them. Before he can continue the conversation, they find a body of another girl, one that Manfred previous met. Bobo and Olivia soon join them and he attempts to call out to her spirit, seeking more answers. Olivia reminds him that the girl's name was Tiffany, the vampire groupie. Manfred reveals he's not able to make contact, that her spirit has moved on, the natural order of things. Bobo also reasons that he nor Lowry were the killers, and the murderer was still at large.

MTX 106-057-Creek-Manfred

Worried about Connor, Creek returns home, Manfred right behind her. As she searches for Connor, Manfred begins to hear voices from the Lovell's residence, and quickly downs more pain meds. Much to his dismay, Shawn confronts Manfred, asking what he's doing in his home. Manfred antagonizing him, asking him if he's starting early, likely indicating his consumption of alcohol; Shawn decks him in the face, dropping him to the floor. Towering over him, he patronizes him, telling him that he doesn't have to explain anything within his own home. Creek comes to his defense, telling her father that she's looking for Connor. He tells her that he's not here and for her to get Manfred out of his house; they leave.

MTX 106-066-Creek-Manfred-Rev. Sheehan

On Witch Light Road, the Rev. joins them; to no avail the girl remains missing. Out in the distance, Manfred sees a figure wondering the dusty backdrop of the town. He's unsure of his own eyes, seeing more spirits, he asks Creek and the Rev. if they see something in the distance. Creek immediately recognizes it's Connor and they take him to Manfred's cleaning him up. Fiji inspects him, concluding that he's disoriented with a possible concussion. Manfred questions if he saw his attacker, though he was hit from behind; same as Aubrey. Fiji asks if it was human, suggesting if it was a demon.

MTX 106-073-Manfred

With the arrival of Lemuel, the move the discussion to Home Cookin' in the Midnighter's room. Fiji presses the demon theory as she's been hearing it in her home and they both saw it when they banished it back to the other side of the veil. While the demon is a viable threat, Lemuel offers a different perspective, that kills are sloppy and human-like. The killer may be human, and killable as Olivia interjects, Manfred questions why he's seeing more and more ghosts. The Rev makes an appearance in the Midnighter's room; however, he's not there as a reverend. Reluctantly, he offers an ominous explanation; the veil between Hell and Midnight is fraying. Due to this, energy is seeping out of the veil and it's affecting them all, whether they are supernatural or human and it's drawing out the darkness in them all and it's what's been drawing evil to midnight. Manfred, along with the others, realizes just how dire the situation has become; there's a portal to Hell opening in Midnight and a missing girl with cops about to swarm the town should they not find her.

Manfred and Lemuel go back out, searching for the girl. Manfred believes he may be able to get a reading as they return to where Connor was attacked. He doesn't get anything, though Lemuel does, more specifically, he smells blood in the air. They find Shawn Lovell, crouching over the missing girl, Aerin, barely clinging to life. Shawn attempts to run, though Lemuel is much faster, leeching him into submission.

With Shawn in the Midnight's care, Manfred returns to his place, to tell Creek. To his dismay, he explains that they found Aerin, alive, though Shawn was there with her. Creek believes that he found her, out searching like the other Midnighters, though Manfred confesses that they think he's responsible... for Aubrey, Tiffany, and Connor. Manfred attempts to comfort Creek, as she's not processing the news well.

MTX 106-094-Manfred-Bobo

Manfred enters Midnight Pawn as Lemuel's threatening to drain him if he doesn't offer up any additional information about his victims. Manfred stops him, reasoning that they can't torture him, acting as judge, jury, and executioner. Olivia believes they can, that it's the Midnighters' way; the Rev. disagree with that statement, believing that he should be locked up for his crimes. Manfred suggests that it's the veil's affects on him. The Rev. discredits this theory, stating that it can't make someone evil; that if he's doing it, it's because he already gives into his own darkness. Creek is devastated and Manfred seeks out his victims, hoping they will talk where Shawn won't.

MTX 106-096-Manfred

Manfred heads back to the Lovell's. Once there, the screams of victims begin to overwhelm him, especially the closer he gets to Connor's room. Hidden in a vent, he finds a shoe box filled with mementos of victims and the Sons of Lucifer mask that he saw from Aubrey's death. Manfred receives flashes of Connor. Manfred heads to the Inquiring Mind, where Fiji and Bobo are watching over Aerin. Manfred shows her a photo of Connor and Creek, asking if he's the one who attacked her. She nods, confirming his vision of Connor as the killer. Searching the box, Bobo finds the ring he gave to Aubrey. Manfred leaves to warn Creek, and Bobo follows him.

MTX 106-107-Bobo-Manfred-Olivia

Bobo is furious though Manfred tells him that Creek's already been through enough; he offers that he'll restrain himself in front of her. Inside his residence, he and Bobo find that Connor and Creek have already left. They return to Midnight Pawn, confronting Shawn about covering for Connor. Manfred pleads with Shawn about where he'd take Creek, though he doesn't know. Manfred continues to call Creek, though once she finally picks up, the call is disconnected, reasoning that Connor took the phone from her. Manfred worried about Creek's safely, once she realizes that Connor is the killer, leaves the shop for his RV; he plans to drive until he finds Creek. Out of options, Bobo agrees with his plan, opting that Manfred heads South and he'll head North. Olivia, Fiji and the Rev. try to reason with them both, to no avail. Manfred can't just sit back and hope that Connor can kill a complete stranger and not his own sister. Unable to see another way, Joe takes off his jacket and shirt, revealing his wings before the Midnighters, who all stare on in amazement. Joe states he can cover more ground in the air and takes off into the skies. Manfred questions if he's the only one not in the loop, though Olivia, Fiji, and Bobo are in shock. The Rev. confirms that he's an angel to which Lemuel remarks, that this revelation, explained a lot; using his super speed, he follows on foot.

Manfred and the others wait by the RV for Lemuel, Joe and Creek's return. Lemuel exits the vehicle first, with a disappointed expression, shakes his head, signaling to the others that Connor was dead. Creek heads for Manfred; he embraces her, wrapping his arms around her to comfort her.

MTX 106-146-Creek-Manfred

Later the following day, Fiji gathers them for a memorial service, a cleansing ceremony, outside the church; she speaks as she burns the items that Connor collected from his victims. Manfred stands by Creek, wrapping an arm around her. She concludes the ceremony with "Blessed Be", and he and Creek return to his house. He offers her a drink, indicating that, per Fiji's instructions, will make her feel better. She doesn't take the drink, stating that she wouldn't unless it would help her to forget what happened. Manfred offers his condolences, and Creek finally breaks down in his arms. Unable to do anything further, he sits with her, comforting her to the best of his abilities.

In Angel Heart,

In Last Temptation of Midnight,

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Manfred is a very confident young man, although he sometimes has his doubts about being able to control his powers when it comes to seeing ghosts. Having the people he loves around him pushes Manfred to want to fight for them. He's heroic for saving the town of Midnight, even though he could've possibly died, he was more than willing to make that sacrifice for the one who he loves. He once was a man who ran away from things as a coward, while he was also crooked in the beginning on the start of the series, while he was doing business deals with his grandmother. Since he arrives in Midnight, he's finally found a home and a place where he belongs, which is willing to fight for.


Manfred holds the abilities of a standard Psychic in Midnight, Texas. However, Manfred seems to hold the specific abilities of a Medium. Due to his uncontrolled abilities he struggles with an opiate addiction as being possessed by spirits takes a toll on him.[1]


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  • Manfred has the ability to see, summon and expel Ghosts.
  • François Arnaud describes his character as both a Psychic and a Medium[2].
  • He comes from a long line of Gypsies Fortunetellers.
  • Joe Strong believes that he is the one to stop the apocalypse once the veil opens.


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