Ghosts are deceased human or supernatural beings introduced in Midnight, Texas. They are the manifestations of the deceased person's spirit. Ghosts seemingly take on the visible forms of themselves just after death. This is notably the case of Aubrey Hamilton.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Ghosts take on the appearance they had at the time of their death, even though they share some common traits like white eyes and pale skins. They appear as gray or black smoke before materialization, though they may also manifest only part of their body, such as the upper body, while the rest remains a cloud of smoke.


  • Possession: Also know as a "hijacking", ghosts, when called into the mortal plane via a psychic, are capable of possession. This allows them to take control of the psychic's body for an undetermined amount of time. When performed, the host body's eyes will turn cloudy white. Seemingly, ghosts can take near-complete control of the host unless they are forcefully expelled.


  • Magic: Ghosts are susceptible to various forms of magic, such as Witchcraft or Gypsy Magic.

Notable GhostsEdit


  • It is unknown whether or not ghosts can materialize without the need of a psychic.
    • Seemingly, where the veil between the living and dead is thinnest, in Midnight, ghosts can materialize when they are not summoned.
  • Humans appear unable to see ghosts, as when Harold materialized to Manfred, Rachel could not see him.
  • Ghosts are tethered to Earth due to unfinished business or pending issues. Once these problems are resolved, they move on to another plane of existence.