I know Fiji is more than just a cat lady.
Creek Lovell about Fiji

Fiji Cavanaugh is an upcoming witch in Midnight, Texas. She's described as a quirky, funny, and free spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum,[1] though can also be seen as a unifier and a protector of her friends who have become her adopted family. She's the town's unofficial welcome wagon going so far to use her magic to determine if Manfred moved to Midnight for malicious intent, with the use of cursed cookies.[2] Creek believes her to be "more than just a cat lady" though her true nature is actually that of a "powerful witch".[3] As a witch, she struggles with coming to terms with how powerful she is which is pretty explosive. However, true to her nature, comes to assist Manfred, whose home is overrun by angry ghosts.

She's also the proprietor of a little magic shop with articles relating to witchcraft and Wicca with crystals and other beautiful things.

She and Bobo are best friends, though she wishes there could be more but does not act on her infatuations due to the death of his girlfriend.[4]


Season OneEdit



Fiji possesses the skills of a standard witch in Midnight, Texas that range from manipulating objects to supplying potions[5] and baking cursed cookies.


Season One Appearances: 0/10
Bad Moon Rising:
Lemuel, Unchained:
Sexy Beast:
Blinded by the Light:
Angel Heart:
Last Temptation of Midnight:
Riders On The Storm:
The Virgin Sacrifice:


  • She is described as a cat lady because she has a cat, his name is Mr. Snuggly.
    • This could be her 'familiar', since she is a witch and he can speak,[6] particularly being is a sarcastic smacktalker.
  • Fiji is described as a powerful witch.
  • Fiji's book-counterpart has a sweet-tooth for Hershey's Kisses.


Season One Promotional

Pilot (1x01)

Bad Moon Rising (1x02)

Lemuel, Unchained (1x03)

Sexy Beast (1x04)

Unearthed (1x05)

Blinded by the Light (1x06)

Angel Heart (1x07)

Last Temptation of Midnight (1x08)

Riders On The Storm (1x09)

The Virgin Sacrifice (1x10)


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